Announcing Aislee Jorena

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Our new arrival is finally here!
Introducing Aislee Jorena

Introducing Aislee Jorena

She's here! Woohoo...healthy, happy, and loved very much....she wasn't too happy when we tried to get her newborn pictures.
Proud Daddy Scott has provided first pictures of newborn, baby Aislee Jorena.   She was born at 11:47 AM this morning, waighing 7 lbs, 6 oz and a 20 1/2 inches long.

Mommy (Valica) is resting comfortably, had an easy delivery from what Scott describes.

Ashley phoned me, Grandma Lietta, and gushingly reported the news, she is weepy, excited and just taken in from witnessing this birth miracle.

Scott sounds tender and like a pleased new Daddy.   He was present at the birth.

Family sounds very content.

Aislee Jorena.   They chose the middle name, Jorena, as combination to honor the Great Grandma's = Great Grandma Joy and Great Grandma Rena (passed).  

* She will love this picture when she gets older. Lol. Anxious to see her in person. Love you all
Grandma Joy
* Aislee is just as sweet as her big sister, Ashley. It was nice to hold Aislee. Wish they didn't live so far away. Love Our Little Blonde Angel.
Margie, Grammie
* Congrats on your new baby! Congrats to Grammie MB!
Mary Ann
* Hey! Awesome photo show of new baby Aislee dressed for the occassion. Congratulations to the growing family... Can't wait to see her.
Grandma Lietta

Welcome Aislee, we are glad you arrived safely


Vital Statistics

Date of birth: Born: 10-11-2004
Time: Birth Time: 11:47 am
Place: @ Sacred Heart Medical Center
Weight: Weight: 7 lbs 6 oz
Length: Length: 20.5 in.
Sibling Names: Ashley
Parent Names: Valica and Scott
Physician: Malnar