Blooomsday Spokane May 2008

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Creating this website to track our family participation in the annual Lilac Bloomsday Run in Spokane, WA in May.  In 2008, we had seven (7) in our family who did the Bloomsday Run, and this is a tribute website to them. 
Some history about Bloomsday, which is in it's 32nd year. 
The first Bloomsday Run began in Spokane in May 1977, with 1,000 runners and has been a growing annual run every year since attracting more and more runners, until this year, in 2008, there were 50,000 participating runners.   When Spokane hosted the Worlds Fair in 1974, it transformed the downtown area and provided the beautiful Riverside Park.   We were still living in Spokane in 1974, having had my first (Valica) and second (Brianna) babies in Spokane.   We moved to the western side of the Cascades, where I had my third baby (Christopher).
Circumstances prevailed as they will do and we moved back to Spokane in 1980s, so my children grew up knowing about the Bloomsday Run.  Fast forward and life happens, and our family has grown, with children of their own now (our grandchildren) and people live in different cities, even different states.  Lisa, now herself a mother with 3 children has wanted to run Bloomsday, so she made her first premier run in 2007. 
The next year -  2008, six others from our family joined Lisa in the Bloomsday Run, including our two 16 year olds, who made their first run this year.   I wanted to make a tribute website to our seven Bloomsday runners; Cheri, Lisa, Bree,Chris, Janna, Miranda, Ashley.  While I was at it, I thought I'd capture some history of the previous years where people in our family participated in Bloomsday Runs.
For more detailed Bloomsday Run information and history see the official Bloomsday website, which is chock full of all kinds of information.

Four of the seven Bloomsday runners in t-shirts
Cheri, Janna, Chris, Miranda

and here they all are - well most of them....
Lisa, Randa,Ashley,Bree,Chris, Janna - where is Cheri?