Disconnect, Connecting the Pattern

Reviews Page

Many e-zines include a page or more of reviews of such things as movies, books, television shows, CDs, and so on. Here's a format I might use for my reviews.




jan 1 A druid (spirit) Feast Day (light firs on ill tops)

jan 7 St. Winebald Day animal or human sacrifice/dismemberment f human use a
man age 15-33

Jan 27 satanic Revels celebrated Sexual oral anal vaginal use females age

jan 20 St. Agnes Eve Diviation cast spells

feb 2 Candlemas one of the witches sabbats sexual oral anal vaaginal females
age 7-17

feb 25 St. Walpurgis Day host of blood and dismemberment use animals

march l drinkong of human blood for strenght and homage to demons use both
male and females

march 20 fast day spring equnox orgies

april 19-26 preparation for the SACRIFICE

april 24 St. marks eve divinng herb gathering

apr9l 26-321 GRAND CLIMAX/DA MUER corpus de baahl use females agge 1-25

april 30 walpugis night Beltane may eve
major celtic festival marked by bonfires and fertility rites Greatest

May 1 beltane may day Fire Festival

june 2l Feast day summer soltice orgies

june 23 midsummers ve or st. johns eve most important for the practic of
magic fire festival

july l demon revels celebrated druids sexual sensual association with the
demons use females any age.

july 25 demon revels celebrated druids sexual sensual association with the
demons females of any age

july 24 St. james Day gathering of herbs

august l lammas great sabbat feast of Sun God. The beginning of autumn and
the harvest season

august 3 satanic revels oral anal vaginal females 7-17

august 24 St. Bartholomews day Grt Sabbat and fire festival large herb

sept 7 marriafge to the beast satan sacrifice dismemberment female under the
age of 21

sept 20 midnight host dismemberment hands planted use female under 21

sept 22 Feast day fal autumn equinox orgies

oct 29 -nov l all hollows eve sexaul climas sensual association with the
demaons ue any human male or female

oct 3l halloween Great sabbat and fire festival night deat thought to

nov 4 staanic revels sexual oral anal vaginal femalse 7-17

dec 2l st. Thomas Day Great Sabbat and Fire Festival

dec 24 Demon Revels/DA muer high grand climas use males or females

PERSONB BIRTHDAY highest of all holidays involves victim and someone in

shrovetide three days before ash wednesday witches ssbbat date

good friday Black mass

easter cildren given to high priest rebirth to satan

adding 5 weeks and one day to dates will present the grand climax to all
underworld demons

all holidays change according to satanic calendar and differs from cult to

the informaton herein has been furnished by officer Sandi Gallant, Believe
the Children and Dale W. Griffis, Phd

they forgot to mention dancing under the full moon and all the other

i found when they get in a frenzy they omit lots and do what they want

i hav a wonderful pamphlet from people trying to stop this and it is very
informative and free to survivors of SRa let me know if yall want the number

A mystery novel told in the first person by a young man who suffers from Tourette's Syndrome. The mystery plot itself is stretched a little thin, but this is a real tour de force by a writer to watch.
- Submitted by Sheila


Wes Anderson, director

One of the sweetest and funniest movies of the 90s. Some people didn't like the main character, but I found him fascinating and charming in a squirmy sort of way. Also one of the best and least contrived happy endings I've seen in a movie recently. Bill Murray is great!
- Submitted by Jim


Josh Rouse

A quirky sophomore effort by a singer-songwriter to watch. Starts strong ("Marvin Gaye" and "Direction" are standouts) but eventually all the songs begin to sound alike, which is unfortunate. Josh should maybe hire a producer more willing to experiment with his sound.
- Submitted by Patricia