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Holiday Newsletter 2006

It kind of runs together, crafting, remaking, re-using, repurposing, diy, make it yourself.  I seem to like the projects you can make simply, and inexpensively, mostly using what is on hand or using finds from thrift stores. 

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 Clever ideas crafting something new out of something old 
I wish I could think creatively like some of the people who offer up these suggestions!  I'm not so clever but enjoy reading and seeing other people's ideas.
-- CD player parts,old CD's (5) and an old pix's from a calendar of light-houses. Take  apart the old cd player and use the round plastic cd holder part (this one was a 5 cd holder).  Cut out the calendar pix by using the cd to mark it in a circle to cover the old cd's.  Glue the photos on the cd, and then when dry glue to the cd holder in place like the cd's set in the spot.  Drill a hole to hang it with and put a ribbon in the hole for hanging. 
-- CDs -  Try a curtain wall made out of CD's.
-- Plastic bags as batting material - quilting projects (involves sewing):  She found and picked up a footstool with a vinyl top and wooden legs at a yard sale for $1.00; wanted to use left-over material from some curtains to cover the vinyl. Also wanted it to have a quilted look. Rather than buying quilt batting, she decided to recycle plastic grocery bags. Flattened a dozen bags and added a backing, then tacked them together. Cut my material the size  needed for the stool cover, then used the sewing machine to quilt the bags and backing to the material. This gave  a thinly quilted pad which was able to finish with material to cover the stool. She cautions that she would never suggest using plastic grocery bags for a real quilt, but they are quite durable for a stool cover.
-- Wooden Pant Hangers to Hang Posters, Photographs, Pictures.  thank you goes to Poppytalk for featuring a great idea from the latest O at Home Magazine—use pant hangers to display photographs.


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