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"With peaceful people not wanting to quarrel with neighbors or co-workers about faith. Until the day comes when moderates, liberals, and non-Christians realize they are afraid to make their real views known in public. Because the consequences will be too unpleasant."
This - to some degree - is the reason for speaking out as we are able.
The premise of the television party today is opposition to a conspiracy against people of faith presented by a group who claims or implies that it is seeking to protect all people of all faith ...
Which, by whining about replacing so-called biased judges with other judges with another bias, is an attempt by a party and a Christian minority to have it both ways - an attempt to replace consitutionally-biased judges with religiously-biased judges who, presumably, will facilitate a "reform" of what's wrong with this country.
Unpleasant consequences for now are left in the area of emotions, a sense of offendedness and victimization and indignation fueled by cynical politicians and outraged vocal Christians who are defending those things most important to them.
If the politicians succeed in their dreams and want to remain in office they will have to continue to deliver to a religious political base that is not shy about having put them there and being willing to remove them if not satisfied.
The concern I have as that as the line between church and state disappears, the imposition stuff starts. If, perish the thought, the imposition stuff starts, then "unpleasant" as a definition of the consequences won't suffice.
The range of ethics/non-ethics and morality/immorality in this country is far too vast for a peaceful transition into a Christian Theocratic State.
If we slide into a theocracy, we will have replicated what we've already seen abroad in Serbia, Bosnia, The Middle East, Rwanda, Darfur and Northern Ireland.
We cannot kids ourselves that such could not happen here.
The reason for that is the simple fact that with the attempted execution of new theocractic laws and policies, those who desire and legislate proscribed freedom of worship and proscriptions against civil rights formerly allowed will be in the social minority in this country.
If the consequences of radical Christian lawmaking goes too far - and who's to say it wouldn't - things could move to a place where Christians would of necessity have to band together and live in communities where they are the majoriy. And we've seen that abroad also.
Justice Scalia is a powerful and earnest voice declaring that the government is the will of God and that capital punishment by the government acting as God's agent is God's will. Scalia is in harmony with his co-religionists who want to reform our constitution or replace it based on Old Testament Law.
Legislation and radical judicial decisions authorizing capital or extreme punishment for violating laws passed by a theocratic government inevitably leads to resistance and civil war.
I don't know that we would ever come to civil war over abortion or gay marriage. But a theocratic state doesn't stop with single issue reform.
Dominionists mean to use political process to assume a Christian domination of the government and do not try to hide that goal. But it is not the possibility of their future success that scares me.
What scares me is the potentially violent consequences of a response from the real American majority that is currently ignorant or apathetic so long as nobody passes a law that interferes in their lives or results in a loss of something they do not want to lose.
Arthur Ruger 2005

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