Christmas, 2005; Politics, religion and hope for a coming crisis that will wake up those who slumber

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A year ago we found ourselves even more astonished by the absolute ignorance by which a voting majority in this country had again so gullibly followed the judas-goats of manipulation up the mountain. Blinded by the deceptive and shallow lies of the burning Bush they once again took the country on over the cliff. 
Last year at Christmas time, still in shock at the moral shallowness so proudly and blatantly put on display, we put up no tree, no lights and treated the holiday as a reason for mourning. Family members from Utah - ignoble possessor of the title of "reddest of the red states" - had told us prior to voting that they would never vote for a nother democrat and that all we had to do was read Bush's spiritual biography and we'd see the light of how humble and pious GW truly was.
... that voting against Bush was the traitorous act of political liberals on their way to hell.
It was our own mistaken naivety that assumed a wider range of adult political wisdom -free from the taint of mythical religious realities - and found that such adult political wisdom was vastly superceded by religious wishful thinking and outright spiritual deception. 
A year later, we are celebrating a sober Christmas, but again with a tree, lights, a fine dinner, phone calls and holiday greetings to friends and loved ones ...
... and most of all a quiet contemplation of our lives together as responsible adults moving toward retirement at a time when the next generation still hears and follows the judas goats.
But there is holiday hope, fueled by "nothing-new-to-say" political speeches and demagoguery that have little diverting impact on the ongoing revelations of criminality and duplicity of those who have governed by lies.
They lie because they  have no new message, no new insight, and an emberrasing tendency to go back to the well too many times.
There is not and never was a war on Christmas.
But there has been and is a war on the religion of Jesus.
There is not and were not legitimate reasons to establish a permanent state of war and unrest in the Middle East driven by conservative and neocon think-tank foolishness.
This is opening the way for intellectual and common-sense grown-ups to move in and start cleaning up the mess; setting the house in order, and putting the spendthrift pseudo economic geniuses out to pasture where all they can do is stand around and pretend to smart thoughts.
There was no immediate economic crisis that required a total fracturing of our national economy and the false intellectual rationale that has so many future generations debt-bound. We allowed the stupid to chang the way we do business in the name of some kind of corporate self-serving wisdom that continues to lie about what is best for the American poor and middle class.
So Christmas is celebrated in our house today - but it remains a sober time. The spirit of hope offered by the birth of someone divine and sent from God to straighten things out, is the spirit of hope for the birth of wisdom and courage in a slumbering citizenry - a wisdom and courage that can drive a nation back into the real world.
Like the mythical stories now 2000 years old, we see the signs.  
More and more stars illuminate the intelligence of American Citizens who, like shephers in fields, are coming to recognize what the lights are revealing and the marvelous miracle that lies over the hill if they will but take steps in that direciton.
Real wise men are beginning to speak and bring more useful gifts, and helping us avoid lying tyrants intent on killing any who threaten them. 
It is a time of hope.
It must be a time of hope. 
The terrible change and drift toward the building of an American Talibanic State lies in duping faithful American Christians who seem to have forgotten that Christianity is not dominated by imperial designs on wealth and power ...  
... or the notion that killing in the name of Jesus is the spiritual contract contained in any born-again moment between God and humanity.
2006 holds the hope of Revelations - revealed knowledge, the truth of which awakens slumbering Christian shepherds - and sheep - and draws them away from the terrible precipice at their feet.  

Arthur Ruger 2005

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