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A suggestion for enhanced credibility:
Speak ... and speak legitimately to the issue of the administration's series of evolving lies to get to Iraq. I see lots of messenger-attacking but no denial or acknowledgment of the lies.
Until the lies are acknowledged and addressed continued editorial aspersions on the character or motive of anti-war critics bounces off as partisan politics.
Gut feelings are what you're trying to overcome - not the presence of traitorous anti-American thought.

We need folks who can be trusted to an audience dominated by polite, scared, or obedient people and who will tell them: "No, I will not go along. It is wrong."

New York City Skyline with $100 bills

"You can tell the ideals of a nation by its advertising." - (George) Norman Douglas

When I want news I can trust I have to find it myself

When I want to know what the government wants me to know ...

I can always watch CNN, Wolf Blitzer, Gupta and company.

When I want to know what the dumbed down in this country are expected to know ...

when I want to know what mushrooms are given to know ...

I could tune into Faux News.

We've almost decided to cancel our cable TV and restrict all three sets in our house to DVD's ...

... risk living without the higher information available thanks to Big pharma, Big business and government manipuation and non-step distraction frpom what's really important by repetitive entertainment and sensational but shallow  news of titillating import.

 But if we take the boob out of toob, what happens if a tsunami threatens Willapa Bay? Wouldn't we need TV to update?

You know ... "we interrupt this hard-on commercial to bring you breaking news about a tsunami headed for Willapa Bay." 

 But then isn't that what radio is supposed to do?

And doesn't the county sheriff have a phone system to warn residents of this kind of stuff?

Don't we need to know amber alert stuff and what armed and dangerous felon or registered sex offender is on the run out of Seattle or Portland and headed our way?

Heck, I don't know. I think I'll take a chance on telephone, internet, radio and watching from the beach.

At least if I watch from the beach what I see will be real and not brought to me by Big Anything but God.

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