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I remember seeing a TV program earlier this year about a small town in Michigan that lost it's Electrolux Plant (making refrigerators) when it was outsourced to Mexico.
My reaction was: Let me get this straight. The Michigan workers who constitute the very middle class that can afford to buy the refrigerators are out of work.The Mexican workers now building the fridges for much lower wages are not going to be able to do the same thing - buy Electrolux product.
In outsourcing, Electrolux lowered it's market base by a small number of it's own workers and did not replace those buyers.
At this point, a labor-oriented boycott against Electrolux products in this country might have impact. Alas, labor-oriented boycotts tend to be supported mostly by unions and the small number of Americans thoughtful enough and motivated enough to think before they buy.
It seems to me that the outrage against this kind of corporate push for cheaper and cheaper labor goes way beyond the stereotypical view of the need for unions. The market is not driven by a weekly stampede of millionaires to Home Depot, Wal-Mart and Appleby's. It's the middle class that keeps those enterprises thriving day in day out. It's the middle class that purchases far more refrigerators than the tax-cutted top percent.

Social Security: Be Afraid, Be Very Afraid
Thank you Rex Nutting - CBS Market Watch
As a matter of fact, by the time today's workers who are in their mid-20's begin to retire, the system will be bankrupt. So if you're 20years old, in your mid-20's, and you're beginning to work, I want you to think about a Social Security System that will be flat bust, bankrupt,  unless the United States Congress has got ... the willingness to act now."

Koolaid: Hey there young people. Put down your iPods and MP3's and listen to someone who's older and wiser cause I'm the President.  Trust me young'ns ... you worry about buying, spending and playing and I'll take care of what you'll have waiting for you when it's time to retire.

Since you don't really know much about Social Security, I'll take advantage of your lack of knowledge and marginal interest and pull a little wool over your eyes.  You are supposed to believe that the same retirement system your folks are waiting for, isn't going to be there. You are supposed to believe that Social Security is a government business that - if managed poorly - can and will go bankrupt.

I'm playing pretend here but I'm thinking you're too preoccupied with young people things to see through that. Notice that although I'm talking to kids in their 20's , I'm using words and phrases that your junior high school teachers used when you were 13.

I'm telling you that everyone who's "in-the-know"  is smart enough to believe that Social Security can go bankrupt.  I'm the one standing behind the curtain. Don't pay any attention to those folks standing out in the open and saying that by law Social Security could pay full benefits out of the general tax fund revenue.

Pay no attention to those folks standing out in the open and saying that with no adjustment or tinkering Social Security will still be able to pay around a minimum of 68% in 2078 when you would be in your 90's.

GWB: Most younger people in America think they'll never see a dime.

Koolaid: Join the peer-pressure crowd.  Don't you want to be among the majority of younger people in America that George thinks are not as smart as he is?

 To All Republican Patriots!!!
If You Voted For Bush then Join the Military Now! Fight and Die in Iraq for American Freedom!

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How much has the CBS News "RatherGate" controversy impacted your opinion of "Old Media"? | Take Back The News: "Rathergate
Submitted by ArthurRuger on January 17, 2005 - 1:07pm.
I remember Dan Rather as the reporter who stood eye-to-eye to Nixon and we all watched as Nixon was the first to blink.
Later, the 'Rather' mode seemed to have morphed into some sort of gentle and tender 'nice guy' mode that looked entirely cosmetic. He came across almost like a warm and refined version of a greeter at Walmart and I stopped watching him.
Post 9/11 and Iraq-invasion, I began to sense in Rather some of the old tiger of the 1970's. I felt like I was picking up on his conscience and his unrest with having to work under a muzzle or gag order that was leaving him disgusted.
The night of the fateful 60-Minutes broadcast I said to myself, 'Perhaps Rather is sending Bush a message from the old Burt Lancaster movie: Tell them Valdez is coming!' The old gunfighter strapping on his past uniform and going against the muzzle and intimidation.
Not to be. The ultimate action was a rejection of the more important part of the story which was true. Questions raised remain unrefuted and undenied. The verification used on that program unfortunately was not.
Rather is back on my A list in terms of regard as a journalist who harkens back to challenging 1970's politicians. With Rather gone - booted out of the saloon by proprietors driven by fear and greed - we've seen the last of the legitimate hard-nosed broadcast journalists.

Don't ya love all these Republican moral values demonstrating themselves?

"We won the election because we stand for moral values! Why we're so moral we're going to let Mr. Delay keep delaying and cancelling the really good things in America while that no-moral-value Texas DA persecutes Tommy's righteous stealing of American integrity."

And don't ya just love those moral-value believers who think keeping us safe from gay weddings is more important than the morality of war-deaths, collateral war losses and the deaths of Iraqi civilians, men, women and children?

I can hear Falwell and Robertson - the new Pharisees - right now ...

"We're pro-life! We're anti-abortion! We don't think that killing a pregnant Iraqi mother is the same pro-life issue as anti-abortion in this country. Besides, she's not Christian and God only cares about the unborn babies of Christian women!"

And with a majority in both Houses, can't you just hear those born-again Republican Fundamentalist's?

"We aim to exercise DOMINION over this planet just like God told Adam and Eve in the Garden. 'Have dominion over the earth,' God said. That means that we are to exploit the earth all the way to its death. Where lillies grow in fields, God wants us to clear out the flowers and drill for oil. Where there are fish in the water, God means for us to poison the water in the name of Holy Unfettered Capitalism and the fish can fend for themselves."

"We believe in consuming all things. God didn't want us to learn to fish, he just provided the fish for our consumption. God didn't want us to learn to farm, he just wants us to take and eat without replenishing. Replenish means more people, it doesn't mean tending the garden of Earth."

"You know why, Brother? Because the End Times are near. The state of the earth doesn't matter at all. Jesus is going to come and take us righteous out of the mess we've made. You can do what you want after we're gone!"

To those elected and claiming a mandate and to those who voted for them I say ... Support your  War President now!  Put your money and resources right up there with your moral voices. Say no more to me until you have signed every one of your children up for the military. No excuses!!!

 Neocon Global Agenda?
Are we ever going to openly discuss the checks the neocons are writing that will have to be paid for in blood by our children? Do we need to impose, via our military might, a Pax Americana on the world? Or can we forget our arrogance long enough to realize that America owns no monopoly on what defines freedom and the "highest and truest form of government based on pure and unchecked capitalism?"
Arthur Ruger
Publisher, The American Choice online political journal
 Stay the Course?
Do we need instead to "amend" a policy that has worsened our problems with health coverage, employment, equality, environment, home ownership, national indebtedness and the idea that corporate generosity and an altruistic wealthy class is going to suddenly take actions for the highest good of all concerned?

Arthur Ruger Publisher, The American Choice online political journal
posted by Arthur Ruger at 7:45 PM | 0 comments 
The War on Terror?
Did the nation or a majority of its representative leadership coin the phrase "war on terror" and author the idea that this "war" is nothing less then the equivalent of America's military objective in both world wars? Is the administrations "war on terror" using America's military resources against global terrorists in the same manner Eisenhower and company used our resources to invade Europe on D-day the best way to confront terrorism?

 Taxes - the Devil in the Details
Ain't the economic power of our government expressed by taxin and spendin?

Don't it look kinda dopey ta stand up and ask "How ya gonna pay for it?" after ya cut back the revenues all by yerself? Ain't ya assumin that if yer opponent is elected, he'll be stuck with not undoin yer own economic decisions that past 4 years?

Less taxin and less governin ain't the sum and total answer all by itself. Yer blowin hard ta tell me ya want less taxin and less governin but then ya gussy yerself all up as knowin best where the less taxes and less government ought to be.

And nothin gits better fer me, fer ma wife, fer ma kids and grandkids. I don't give a rat's behind about whether or not ya think yer helpin us by making it harder ta make ends meet.

Mr. Rooney is right. One less battleship, and 20 less military planes, and 1000 less tanks'd be a good start fer divertin the taxin to better use.

Ya keep up this dopey stuff and they'll have to put the presidential bust of you right next to Mr. Hoover. And we'll remember ya that way no matter whether Mr. Robertson thinks God's blessin is on the emperor.

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