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If we ever in our civic existence want or need leaders who don't make mistakes, we can keep Bush. He takes responsibility for other people's decisions and actions taken in his name, but never says the mistake was his.
What do we have to show for it? Well let me count the ways ...
- Dubya's litany of broken campaign promises
- Dubya's litany of false, misleading or downright stupid economic, social and foreign policy declarations that never made sense in the first place
- Dubya's always-changing but mistake-free rationales parading as legitimate reasons for foreign policy and military strategic blunders - none of which Mr. spread-freedom-at-the-point-of- America's-imperial-guns has ever admitted to be wrong or mistaken measures.
Look where the man who never errs and never admits to error has taken us. It's not a place about which even guys and gals in rural Southern taverns can jingoistically brag.
Folks who make mistakes never learn from their own until they first admit and acknowledge a mistake. "Taking responsibility" most of the time in Bush land suggests that a bad idea was not the decider's mistake. Rather, it was an inheritance from some other mistake-maker.
Now I don't know about you but I have to say that along with the dumb stuff I've done in my life, the good guy I believe myself to be resides in how I have and continue to address my own past choices and actions - you know, them there mistaken things and them there wise things I said and did.
I might not be proud of all of my life's behaviors but I don't have to bluff my way to respect by trying to look perfect in the eye of my drinking buddies at the Elk Snout Tavern or my brothers and sisters in our local Jesus of The Elk Snout Born-Again Church of the Holy Evangelical Horde.
Which brings me to the horde of candidates telling us that they should be president because they know their evil opponnents, they know how their evil opponents think and they know how to beat them.
Evil opponents have made a sad and public career of denying reality, pretending to never make mistakes, taking responsiblity for actions in a way that leaves them pretending that their bath water is drinkable.
This gang that has never shot straight has built a legacy in future American History texts of being the number one loser, most dishonest and incompetent presidential administration in the history of the world's finest democracy.
We don't NEED a president who won't admit fallibility.
Listen up Hillary. If we wanted someone too proud, stupid and arrogant to admit mistakes
- somone in thrall of spin doctors -
we'd find someone just like Dubya.
We spoke to you 6 months ago with an electoral voice whose volume has exceeded even the voice that blew away most of the Democratic power in Congress in 1992. Read between the lines and stop imposing your ambition-driven assumptions on that electoral reality.
We don't want a Dubya look-alike ... When you transparently attempt to act like your wisdom includes a denial of mistakes and in so doing you are already looking presidential we won't buy that farm.
Every time we've done so, the accompanying lack of substance tempts us to denial in not admitting we were wrong. And In so doing, historicially we've found new electable incomptents to replace current loser incumbents.
Please don't go there Ma'am.
If you want to act presidential then, be someone who is honest with your base of support. If dumb locals like me were able to see - almost from the start of Bush's first years in office - a sham in action, how is it that many elected representatives to this day insist that Mr. Bush was more competent then than now?
- that he had already demonstrated legitimate presidential wisdom,
- that if he said such was so, we had to give him the benefit of the doubt?
Many of us saw throught the Bush-Cheney-Powell bogus justifications for a dumb-ass war and we have never claimed to be smart or smarter than you guys. But in this regard I'll take credit for being smarter back then than you cause I would have taken the Feingold and Obama positions, spoken out and voted against the resolution myself.
Because by 2003 Bushco was already a lying sham and none of you non-admitters of mistakes have ever proven that you had some higher wisdom that justified voting the way you did.
Give us a real break.
Give us a president who's up front and honest, without nuance, without non-answers. Then we'll give you our vote and tell others to do the same.

Arthur Ruger 2007

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