Troops don't join up to keep a political party in power

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... nor to enforce the will of the party in power.

Our all volunteer military. Give them the truth before they sign up and teach them - pre-signing - that they are not recruited to keep the boss's party in office.

Fear-mongering has proven to be an effective Bushco tool for evoking a blind hands-off toleration on the part of the historical Republican-voting segment of America's electorate.

The Bushco pep-rally, led by their ace Yalie cheerleader, gives you the sizzle and tingle of things you should fear. The more nameless and vague the specific object of that fear, the better for the snake-oilers.

"They" hate our freedoms

"They" are enemies of God

"They" tortured and raped other human beings.

"They" must be fought over there or they will suddenly appear over here - hiding behind bushes, telephone poles, in churches, in Wal Marts - where Republicans and cronies who are veterans of coping with surprises will remain unprepared to deal with them

These lines are not the lines of America's wisest and most powerfully patriotic majority.

These lines are not the lines of America's wisest and most patriotic politicians.

These lines are the copyright material of the current Republican party and the religious fanatics posing as "conservative" Americans concerned for the state of democracy in this country.

These are the reasons and the lines with which the President and all who work with and for him justify the recruitment and deployment of our precious American blood on a fool's errand, a while goose chase and for a bait-and-switch cause that has nothing to do with protecting the American Way of Life. Rather, it has everything to do with keeping a political party in power.

"We are fighting them over there so we can stay in power over here."

It's a simple declarative sentence ... the kind Bush has found he is most able to voice.

"We are fighting them over there so my friends and colleagues can stay in power over here."  

Come on, George ... speak up.

"We are fighting them over there - and we will stay the course - until our foreign and my domestic enemies have been defeated and my colleagues and I will remain in power and maintain our personal march toward greater wealth."

Come on, George .... a little demonstration of honesty.

 "We are fighting them over there because my first term as president was floundering badly and I needed a cause."

Come on George. Give us honesty. Let this little phrase garnish the future marbled entrance to your cheap motel of a presidential library:

"President George W. Bush: Our 43rd President - The President forced by the people to come clean with the people for the good of the people."

"We are still fighting them over there because my second term has done floundered itself into a shipwreck while stubbornness and cunning criminality is the only consistent political legacy I have left to leave our next generation."

Arthur Ruger 2007

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