The Next Time the Little Man Shouts "September 11th"

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This dream of our Founders
- fashioned and forged
by rebellion's hot zeal;
and  fire born of need stoked
by courage, our Fathers
laid groundwork where many
feared even venture;
confronted a king
with fear overcome and birthed
a nation meant for a people
whose courage
could always be summoned.

Terror and national doubt
warn of danger
lurking in shadow  
and challenge silence
to reign
with barely a whisper.
If silence dared, the sound
would ring more loudly;
would move us beyond
a life of worry by terror.

Where ashes remain
after towers are gone
and our bitterest dust
is grey smoke,
it’s the whisper of dreams
held by patriots past
that binds us with hope,
and not the repeated fearful
clarion reminders
of a limited president.
... not that little man’s will,
but our will to win.

We, not the little man and
his vice president of torture,
must cope with mongering of fear
shouted to scare our strong blood
and our spirit.
We who dare
stand strong and united;
side by side,
shedding tears
and giving honor to those
who have died.

In our moments of silence
-  heads bowed in prayer -
it’s that whisper of freedom
that rings in our air.
We're a spiritual nation with all sorts
of clothes and a myriad of faiths.
When we gather for worship
or patriotism, we hold together
- whatever the price.

We belong to stout-hearted heroes
of our true past. We are the people
whose actions have sewn
the fabric of caring and mourning.
Those lost are our loss
- not someone's alone.
Hate does not honor them.

Religious extremists
on both sides of the water
who think that their God harbors hate
must be answered
by our collective courage.

A God who is good
doesn’t discern between souls
but hears only the goodness
that each human sings.
Any god who is pleased
at destruction of life
is a god full of falsehood
a father of lies
and a tyrant whose face shows
the evil intent
of liars
who desire fear
of the sword
in the name of a falsehood
who's nobody's lord.
Arthur Ruger 2007

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