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Excerpt from Outdoor News Daily.
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Sport Halibut Fishing To Close Off Westport
June 13, 2008
OLYMPIA - Anglers will be able to fish for halibut off Westport for two more days - Sunday (June 15) and Tuesday (June 17) - before the offshore portion of Marine Area 2 closes to halibut fishing for the season.
However, the nearshore waters of that marine area between Grays Harbor and the Queets River will remain open to halibut fishing on Fridays and Saturdays until further notice.
Since the fishery opened May 1, anglers have made steady progress toward harvesting this year’s quota of 40,230 pounds for the offshore area, said Heather Reed, coastal policy coordinator. But enough of the 4,470-pound quota remains in the nearshore area to allow anglers two days of fishing a week until the quota is met, Reed said.
Although fishing was hampered by stormy weather this year, most anglers who were able to get on the water caught their daily limit of one halibut, Reed said.

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Arthur and Lietta Ruger, Bay Center, Willapa Bay in Pacific County Washington


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