Lietta Ruger; profile in speaking out as military family, as a citizen civil activist on Iraq war

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Culture of War

Inauguration Day 2005

Exit polls: Wrong on "Moral Values"

KOMO TV News Interview: Local Mom Joins Cindy Sheehan's Protest In Texas

Lietta interviewed by a blogging group on line: My Vote is My Voice

Audio Interview with Red-Eye Co-op Radio (Radio4All) MP3

St Louis Independendent Media Center: Showdown in Texas: The end of the occupation begins in Crawford

NY Daily News:Looks like Pentagon's walk tramples truth

Northwest Woman Joins Protest Outside President Bush's Ranch

Seattle Post Intelligencer: NW mom enlists in the Texas peace corps

Seattle Post Intelligencer:Mother's peace vigil gains support

Intervention Magazine: Three mothers on their soldier sons, speaking on the military's use of stop-loss in combat deployments.

Seattle Times, 'Thousands Rally', interview with Lietta speaking on 2nd anniversary Iraq war, Seattle

Televised interview with Lietta for PBS Newshour with Jim Lehrer,'Homefront Battles' Oct 2004

Bring Them Home Now Bus Tour: Crawford to D.C. (website)

St. Louis to D.C., September, 2005, by Lietta Ruger

 The Vigil: 26 Days in Crawford, Texas
W. Leon Smith
In August of 2005, a grieving mother and her supporters laid siege to Crawford Texas. Cindy Sheehan set up camp outside of President Bush's ranch, determined to find some answers. For 26 days, all eyes were on Camp Casey. Sheehan's grief and steadfast vigil gave a human face to the war in Iraq. Her outrage sparked the type of protest movement media frenzy not seen since the '70s.
At the center of it all was Crawford's own Lone Star Iconoclast. In the heart of the reddest of Red States, The Iconoclast found itself caught between the public's (deeply conservative) expectations, and the paper's publisher, W. Leon Smith's, sense of journalistic duty to report objectively. The Vigil is an invaluable record of the Iconoclast's coverage, with Sheehan herself providing a scene-setting foreword.
The result is a high stakes, blow-by-blow account of the events as they unfolded. This live action narrative engages the reader from the first page. You experience this vigil right along with the writers and participants: the heat, the fire ants, the gunplay, the Porta-pottie dramas, the celebrity appearances, and the intense emotional rollercoaster that has yet to end. Opinion-editorials are sprinkled throughout the text, written by the field reporters as they digested their experiences. Some are supportive of Sheehan, while others are more ambivalent. Yet throughout, Smith and his crew demonstrate a level of professional integrity that to quote Sheehan herself "shine[s] like a lone spark of integrity in the prairie
Lietta is mentioned in this book as among one of the early military families from Military Familises Speak Out to arrive at Crawford

Leisure time, I paint among other things;
Winter Cabin, oil painting by Lietta Ruger

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