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Definitions have changed and altered over the historical course of my own life path as I have had the good fortune to live in Historical times for Women. The History is by no means completed as I watch my own Daughters and Granddaughters undertake and embrace their own roles and definitions of what it means to be Woman.
 I believe it to be a unique role with multiple definitions and I believe that in harmony with men who are still defining for themselves their own perceptual concepts of what it means to be Man, the genders share much in common and can celebrate the differences in the roles of Man and Woman.
When a Man and Woman agree to partner with each other along the course of their lives' paths, they can find much in disharmony and discord, yet, what works in the partnering of Man and Woman when it is working well elevates the unison to all that poetry, romance and spirituality has made of coupleness.
 While I don't hold that old traditions should mark the face of modern Christianity, I also don't hold with throwing the baby out with the bath water in our efforts to change and modernize for this century.   I like a mix of new with the old, but I don't want the face of my spiritual world changed so much I can't recognize the history. 

First Sermon July 2002


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