Lietta Ruger, Profile, Military Family speaking on war in Iraq

Lietta Ruger, Profile, Military Family speaking on war in Iraq



Lietta Ruger - Profile  

Full Name:   Lietta Ruger
Date of Birth:   July 07, 1951
Marital Status:   Married
Parental Status:   Yes
Education Level:   Bachelor's Degree

Bay Center, WA  usa


Home Page:

Interests:   Arts & Humanity, Food/Drink, Health, Home/Garden, Movies, Music, Outdoors, Pets, Politics/News, Religion/Spirituality, Reading/Writing, Travel

My Autobiography:

Hi my name is Lietta (pronounced Lee-etta). While I have a rich life history that makes my world-views what they are today, at this time in our current history with the war in Iraq, I pull heavily on my focus as a military family with 2 loved ones deployed in Iraq. Both served already in an extended 15 month tour in Iraq 2003 - 2004, and are now under orders for a re-deployment (2nd deployment) to Iraq.

Being raised a military brat, I come from a history of being a child inside a military culture. As a young wife to a husband drafted to Vietnam, I am marked by that era in our history as is the family we raised in the following years. Now I find that I am a mother-in-law and aunt to 2 new Iraq veterans who will be serving yet again in the carnage and destruction that marks the war in Iraq.

My history as a professional, social worker, has taught me well to assimilate a variety of world-views, yet it did not prepare me well enough for the divisiness we see in our popular culture now in our country. I struggle to grasp, comprehend and understand it and am not sure I am doing such a good job in "getting it" yet. Well, I do "get it", of course, but understand the phenomenom that has set citizen against citizen, civilian against civilian, while the troops have devolved into a culture of their own in trying to cope with the discrepancies that have become hallmark characteristics in the war in Iraq.

I did not live my entire adult life, raise my children in accordance with the rules of the culture, only to find those rules of accord have been turned upside down. As a mother and grandmother, I cannot turn away from the inheritance of the richness of this country as their rightful legacy, nor can I be idle in watching it slip away to be replaced by whatever is morphing as our country's identity.

  Lietta Ruger,
  military family with 2 Iraq veterans; OIF March 03 - July 04
  PO Box 335
  Bay Center, WA, 98527
  cell:  360-942-9169

I have been member of Military Families Speak Out ( since October 2003. As a military family with 2 Iraq veterans representing  Military Families Speak Out I am invited to guest speak at various events related to the war in Iraq.  I have worked as chapter coordinator for our Military Families Speak Out, Washington state Chapter .  The two Iraq veterans in our family have served proudly, OIF March 2003 - July 2004 and yet it is not theirs or the troops service at question.  What is at question are decisions made by The Commander-in-Chief in initiating and sustaining the war in Iraq.  
Chronicling my speaking out activities below in media interviews and articles I have published.  

Published Articles written
 by Lietta Ruger.

Article; The 5 R's for military families and troops; Retention, Recruitment, Recovery, Replenish, Repolitics published July 2005

Mr President I'll fly My Flag At Half Staff July 4, by Lietta Ruger, published July 03, 2005

Intervention Magazine ' Mothers on Their Soldier Sons', July 11, 2005

Article; Downing Street Memo, Say What,by Lietta Ruger, published June 7, 2005

Article; It's Been A Mean Week This Week,by Lietta Ruger, published May 8, 2005

Article; The Culture of War, by Lietta Ruger, published April 6, 2005

Article; A Vermont-styled Town Hall Meeting; Community Impact when Troops Deployed. by Lietta Ruger, published March 4, 2005

Article: Extraordinarily Ordinary Gift, the Spirit Lietta Ruger, published Feb 9, 2005

Article: Military Families and American Principles, Part 1 of 2, by Lietta Ruger, published Feb 3, 2005

Article; Military Families and American Principles, Part 2 of 2 by Lietta Ruger, published Feb 6, 2005

Article; He's going back to Iraq, 2nd Deployment + Stop Loss, by Lietta Ruger, published Jan 22, 2005

Article; The More Real "Left Behind" Agony, by Lietta Ruger, published Feb 18, 2005

Dying to Preserve the Lies: The Quiet Dignity of Dissent, by Lietta Ruger, published Jan 22, 2005

Article; We've reached Oz, my friends, travelling the Yellow Brick Road, by Lietta Ruger, published Jan 15, 2005

Speaking for the Lost, Shepherding the Lost, sermon by Lietta Ruger, Sept 12, 2004 (on 3rd anniversary of 9/11 attack on WTC )

The Prodigal Son Parable, an Interpretation in the Midst of War, a sermon by Lietta Ruger, March 21, 2004 (1st anniversary of Iraq war)

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Media coverage of Lietta Ruger, representing Military Families Speak Out at Crawford, Texas, Camp Casey, August 2005.

Seattle PI, 'Mother's Peace Vigil Gains Support' Aug 11, 2005

Seattle PI, 'NW Mom enlists in Texas Peace Corps' August 12, 2005

Talk Nation Radio: Cindy Sheehan Puts Heat on Bush Press Conference. August 12, 2005

KOMO 4 TV News, 'NW Woman Joins Protest' August 13, 2005

Agence France Press, article w photo Lietta, Cindy, Juan Torres, August 15, 2005 'Some Crawford Residents Grow Weary of `Camp Casey' August 15, 2005

New York Daily News, 'Looks like Pentagon's Walk Tramples Truth' August 18, 2005

St Louis Independent, 'Showdown in Texas' August 19, 2005

KOMO 4 TV News 'Local Mom Joins Cindy Sheehan's Protest in Texas' August 19, 2005 (interview on my return from Crawford, also one of the Iraq veterans in our family is also featured)

People's World Weekly; 'Showdown in Texas: The End of the Occupation Begins in Crawford' August 20, 2005

Red-Eye Co-op Radio (Canada)'Camp Casey, Texas' interview with Lietta Ruger, August 27, 2005

'One Woman's Observations of Camp Casey' invitation to live blog at My Voice is My Vote August 28, 2005

Book; 'The Vigil, 26 Days in Crawford, Texas' by Leon Smith & staff of The Lone Star Iconoclast

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Lietta Ruger, representing
Military Families Speak Out on the
Bring Them Home Now Tour,
Crawford to DC, 4 weeks September 2005

Bring Them Home Now Tour, Crawford to DC website

Reflections on the Central Tour

Interviews with Lietta Ruger speaking on war in Iraq

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Newshour with Jim Lehrer; 'Homefront Battle'

Lietta Ruger,Military Families Speak Out,  speaking as lay preacher at St John's Episcopal Church, gives sermon at her church challenging the President's war policy in Iraq.
aired Oct 4, 2004, audio, video,transcript

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Seattle Times; Courting military families, meeting with Representative Sandra Romero.

Lietta Ruger among the members of Military Families Speak Out meeting with Representative Sandra Romero., published Seattle Times Oct 18, 2004. 

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The Episcopal Voice magazine; Leap of Faith; March 2005 (pdf)

Excerpt;  St. John’s, South Bend, parishioner, Lietta Ruger, a member of Military Families Speak Out, was interviewed by Jim Lehrer for his PBS program NewsHour. The program included a segment from a church service where Ruger, who is in training as part of the new Total Ministry team at St. John’s, preached a sermon against the war. Ruger commented, “I do not think at this time that our church is dealing realistically with the facts of the war in Iraq or its impact
on military families who carry the burdens in an almost isolationist atmosphere. I would like to see the Episcopal Church take a more proactive approach on the national and global stage to call for an end to this war.”

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The Olympian: Fort Lewis soldier's family urges Gregoire to oppose deployment

delegation of military families presents Resolution compelling Wasington Governor Gregoire to call home the Washington National Guard.  published March, 09, 2005. 


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Seattle Times; Thousands Rally to Protest Iraq War,

Lietta and Arthur Ruger, representing Military Families Speak Out are among the invited guest speakers at Seattle protest rally on 2nd anniversary of Iraq war.  published March 20, 2005


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Seattle Weekly; Closing the Credibility Gap

article by Geov Parrish, published March 23, 2005
Excerpt;    But the White House does care, very much, when members of the military and of military families start speaking out. By far the most powerful speaker at Saturday's rally was a Pacific County woman, Lietta Ruger, who has a son-in-law and nephew about to serve their second tours of duty in Iraq. Hers is a military family; she is middle-aged, patriotic, and able to cast the risks and costs of Iraq in starkly personal terms. In a word, she has credibility that those of us without personal links to the struggle in Iraq do not have.

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Working for Change; article; 'The Road Home'

Working for Change; Terri, the war, and more.

Lietta Ruger, Military Families Speak Out,  referenced in articles by Geov Parrish, March 21, 2005 and March 31, 2005

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WashBlog 'You should not let someone else define patriotism for you'

(A thank you to Brian Moran of Washblog who has been  a strong early  and steady supporter.  Lietta)
Excerpt from March 21, 2005;  

"You should not let someone else define patriotism for you"

From the Sunday Seattle Times, Lietta Ruger and her husband were featured in an article on the March 19th anti-war rally in Seattle.

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Portland Indy Media; Military family to speak out in Bend against the war.

Text excerpt;  Military Family Will Speak in Opposition to Iraqi War
Saturday, March 26,
At 'What are the Costs of War?' conference at COCC in Bend
Lietta and Arthur Ruger are military through and through. Lietta was raised on a U.S. military base. Arthur is a Vietnam veteran. Their son-in-law and a nephew are soon to be redeployed to Iraq. The Rugers are proud of their family's military service, but opposed to the war. They've preached against the war in St. John's Episcopal Church in South Bend, WA, and spoken up about the war on Jim Lehrer's PBS show "The NewsHour," and at last Saturday's peace march in Seattle.

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Bend Bulletin; Peace promoters object to human cost of Iraq war.

published March 27, 2005, Bend Bulletin, Bend, Oregon
Excerpt; Washington resident and featured speaker Lietta Ruger, however, focused on the loss of life. According to The Associated Press, 1,520 troops have died in Iraq since the beginning of the war.
Ruger herself has a son-in-law and a nephew who are deployed in Iraq.
"We need to get out, we need to get our kids safe," she said. "There is no argument (for the war) that has any value when you look at the human cost."
Ruger said she and her husband, Arthur, are members of the regional chapter of Military Families Speak Out, a nationwide organization of families that have loved ones in Iraq and are opposed to the war.
Arthur Ruger, who served in the Air Force in Vietnam, said every day is a trial for the families of service members.
"If your community has parents with sons, daughters, husbands in Iraq — talk to them. Help them out. Buck them up," he said.
Holding the U.S. government accountable for a costly, messy war, Arthur Ruger said, "(is) my duty to my son (and) to your son and daughter."

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Portland Indy Media; The Costs of War.

published March 26, 2005
Excerpt;  A Symposium in Bend
What are the Costs of War? (Bend, Oregon)
A series of lectures and discussions were held today in Bend over the various aspects of the costs of war.
When I arrived at about 3 PM Ms. Lietta Ruger was speaking. Both her son-in-law and her nephew are due to be redeployed in Iraq.


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The Daily Evergreen, WSU; Group looks to bring National Guard home

published April 3, 2005

The organization, called Washington Military Families Speak Out (WMFSO) is the local branch of the larger MFSO that is working to bring National Guard troops home in other parts of the Northwest in coordination with the efforts to help with the fire season.

According to their Web site, the members of the group have family members involved in Iraq, including ones that were part of the Ft. Lewis group that was attacked in December. Lietta Ruger, a senior member of the Pacific Northwest MFSO, says all of the National Guard is needed at home.

"We have National Guard activated to a point that is beyond normal, and we have needs at the state level," Ruger said. "The concerns go above and beyond politics."

The group has brought a resolution, which is available online, to the Governor's office with hopes to form a continuing conversation and a formation of a task force to help. The most important part of this process is citizen involvement Ruger said, and this is what the group is working toward at this time.

"We are optimistic and hopeful that the citizens will respond to the states needs," Ruger said. "It's not just a military family concern, it is a state voter constituency concern." 

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NPR, KPLU 88.5; National Guardsman Challenges 'Stop-Loss' Policy;

aired April 6, 2005; audio and transcript at link.  Lietta Ruger, Military Families Speak Out comments on the occasion of  Hearings by 9th District Court, in Seattle at UW, on matter of Stop Loss of Natl Guardsman Emilio Santiago.

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The Source, Bend,OR, Article 'Supporting the Troops, A Conversation with Lietta and Arthur Ruger'

published April 7, 2005
By H. Bruce Miller
(NOTE: Lietta and Arthur Ruger of Bay Center, WA, have a son-in-law and nephew on military duty in Iraq and are active with the Pacific Northwest chapter of Military Families Speak Out, a nationwide anti-war group of Americans with relatives in the armed forces. Lietta Ruger spoke at an anti-war conference in Bend March 28. Before doing so, she and her husband, an Air Force veteran of Vietnam, were interviewed by Source Weekly News Editor H. Bruce Miller. The following is an edited transcript of that interview.)

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GI Special; Military Project

GI Special  carries several reports from Lietta Ruger in their daily issued newsletter

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"Do you not sense within that we need citizens of our country to ask
the challenging questions and expect reasonable explanations as to why
it is necessary to send troops into combat?"
-Lietta Ruger-
  Courage is that small voice at the end of the day that says 'I will try again tomorrow'