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Dying to Preserve the Lies: The Quiet Dignity of Dissent

Watching the Inauguration as broadcast by an incredibly classless and toadying media - ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC all led by our national broadcast embarrassment FoxNews - I have found the best source of news and recovery to be our blogosphere.

Not all the blog voices are national or well-known.

Not all the blog voices scream headlines and fire off rhetorical torpedoes.

Some come from quiet backwater Amercian homes and powerfully demonstrate the quiet dignity of dissent. One such is blogger, Lietta Ruger whose postings consistently reflect that very dignity and legitimacy that Right Wing hacks fear the most and attack with a most outrageous and terrified irrationality.

Lietta has yet to make the attack list and because she quietly insists on maintaining an occasional honest and truthful commentary amid the more frequent copy and pasting of pertinent articles, may never be known outside a small circle. It's that quietness that penetrates her writing and touches the conscience within.

She wrote the following 3 days after the election:

I feel like voters just signed the death warrant for our kids

It is over, the elections, and apparantly the Voice of America has spoken. We are stunned, in shock and awe, in a most literal sense. We cannot believe what we have just seen happen in our country.We will likely never forget the image map of red states to blue in this election.

Well, I guess we belong in the blue state where we reside and guess there are very few blue states left in this great country. Blue lined up along the west coast and the northern states of the east coast and a few of the Great Lake states. We comprise the perimeter of the country, I guess, and no place else to go but the oceans.

It is now post-election and the ground truth is that there will be 4 more years of Bush and his administration ... unleashed, unchained. We look for and anticipate the literal blood bath that will ensue and while I have had 2 1/2 years now to protest the war while supporting the needs of the troops, there was a degree of comfort that much of our country felt the same. There was a degree of comfort that Bush was thrust upon us in a bad election debacle in 2000, and that could be "righted" with this election.

The Voice of America has said otherwise. I do not know how to "be" just now as an American citizen out of harmony with my own country.

I do not know how to explain to our young when they ask me literally, as they have after this election, "what happened to America".

I do not know how to respond to our young soldier who says to me after the election "Mom, you know what this means don't you...there will be a blood bath"... to which I can only say "yes, I know....."

I don't know how to reconcile the definitions now that define Christian as it seems to have taken on a morality tone of anti-abortion and anti-gay as if that was the entire message of the Christian faith.

How did the voters who voted morality and faith overlook the first commandment, Thou shalt not kill....?

How did the voters reconcile the aborted life of the young troops who have not yet tasted adult life How did christians not separate morality from ethics?

Anyway, a discussion for another day...I have no heart for it now.I'll get my strength back, I'm sure, but I don't know how to depersonalize this election among my country. I feel like voters just signed the death warrant for our kids and I have to find a way within myself to reconcile my feelings with regard to knowing about half of the country voted for Bush. I don't know how to interpret that as other than our country agreeing to the consignment of our children to war, and why?

How utterly selfish to put their "fears" above the well-being of the young generation for which us elders have stewardship. But I know I must find a way to reconcile it within myself. It was never just politics for us...we really did feel we were fighting for our country, for our kids.

So, with the ground truth now being that Bush remains the CIC, I will continue in my work as part of the organization Military Families Speak Out, which has now a membership of close to 2000 military families. It is a non-partisan, non-political organization with one message..Support our Troops. The difference is that it is not a Hooah message as heard from many military families, but one that supports the dignity, honor, ideals, courage and valor of the troops on the ground.

A message that the American people need to do more for our troops and demand more for our troops than to just tell them thank you ... that is not enough. The troops need more, they need all of us now more than ever and they need us to work on the homefront on their behalf, wisely, thoughtfully, intelligently and demand of the administration (no matter who occupies the office) the needs of our troops cannot be explained away as oversights and mismanagement. The needs of our troops are real and deadly and being so poorly managed leaving the troops exposed to danger above and beyond their call to duty.

Our CIC owes the troops more..we will demand it.

American well, keep you courage and wits about you in the days ahead.

A proud military family of Iraq veterans, An old military brat, A Vietnam era military wife.

Don't even think about challenging my patriotism, it is deeper than platitudes as is my love for the troops and what they represent, what they stand for, what they commit themselves is my love for their families that stand in courage behind the troops.

signing myself: Duty Calls..on the homefront.

Courage doesn't always shout. Sometimes courage is the quiet voiceat the end of the day that says, "I will try again tomorrow."


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