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Tribute guest book entries to Charlie taken from the online guest book set up for him.

Guest Book for
Charles L. Ellsworth

February 24, 2006
Grandpa Charlie..You are my favorite grandpa, I loved your funny jokes!your sense of humor, and everything about you..It's gonna be hard for everyone, we all loved you so much...love Rebecca you..**Rebecca**
Rebecca Foster (olympia, WA )

February 12, 2006
I just want to say that I will miss you and I am so happy I got the chance to know you realy good when Dustin was in Bosnia.I remember when I was at Nitas house by my self and it was raining realy bad and the trees were swaying,I got scared that they were going to fall on the house and I called you and you made me fell so much better,being from Texas when it rains trees always fall and after I talked to you I was not scared any more.I will miss you.
Bethany Dreyer (TX )

February 11, 2006
Life, Death and Belonging

Belonging to life is not yours to decide,
to deny you belong deny's where you reside.
As the river and sea are both separate yet one,
all of life is within you -- that's how it was done.
The here and the now is just where you reside,
a part of totality -- timeless inside.

Yesterday's slave is unable to grow
but tomorrow's free man is the one we should know.
Claim back to yourself all the portions that be
made from experience to portray all you see,
that leads to the knowing of earth as it is
as one with your being -- not hers and not his.

Living and dying are one and the same;
one comes in then goes out as on plays the game;
a continuous round where the soul does expand
to growth and exploring to then understand
that moments are moments which leave and return,
for timely is timelessness making us yearn
to find with each other to whom we belong
and learning is trying without right or wrong.

Experience is primary and stands as the goal
to live life with power accepting the role
designed with specifically just you in mind
so God in entirety is what you will find.
The life and the death are but one and the same
as the sea is the river from whence we all came.

by Arthur c. Ruger (c) 2000
Arthur Ruger (Bay Center, WA )

Guest Book for
Charles L Ellsworth

February 6, 2006

I realize that I'm slow in responding to this but it is none the less heart felt.

Meeting Charlie during the family reunion was a highlight of my life. What an honor it was to meet the man who stole my aunt's heart and made her feel highly prized and loved beyond all things. I loved watching the two of you together as you followed each other with your eyes. There was always a smile for one another and I knew something magic and special passed between the two of you. The hardest part of losing someone we love is that we no longer have that physical body to hold on to and to love. That doesn't mean the love ends though even as the sorrow holds on for a season. The memories you have of the times you shared, and the memories of those whose lives he touched keep his spirit alive and warm. Hold on to those memories and share them often for they form a link to that person we loved and lost. Memories are like a blanket, they keep us covered and warm us when we feel cold inside. May all the thoughts wished towards you as you continue this walk in life without Charlie help you heal and the memories keep you warm. I love you Aunt Joy.

Debby Wheeler (Froid, MT )

January 29, 2006


I have many fond memories of our time together. You have been the best man in my mother’s life and the two of your were so good for each other. I thank you from my heart for coming into her life. You’ve left in the physical form and you live on in each of our hearts and memories. And since our lives consist of our personal memories of all those we meet, I want you to know that I fantastic memories of you.

I remember spending time helping you finish off your refrigerator of beer. Lord knows someone had to help you out. You couldn’t possibly have drank all that beer by yourself.

I remember that smirk you always had and the smile in your eyes when you would get excited about something.

Being there at my wedding, my son’s graduation and visiting us in Florida even though I knew you couldn’t stand that damn humidity of the south. You made the sacrifice and we so appreciated it.

Your stories of the Long Shoreman days and how you guys always played the practical jokes on each other.

Putting up with all of us invading your home and never kicking us out but instead, giving us such a wonderful welcomed feeling.

These are only a few memories and there are so many others I will carry with me for life. Keep a watchful eye on all of us as we will keep you in our hearts and souls Charlie.

Your friend forever … Sam Wagner

Sam Wagner (Jacksonville, FL )

Guest Book for

Charles L. Ellsworth

January 28, 2006

Grandpa, I'm going to miss you. One thing that I'm going to miss the most is talking to you about boxing. You were the only person that knew everything about it. I'll also miss all of the gettogethers. I love you. R.I.P.
Bob Foster (Marysville, WA )

January 28, 2006

Grandpa, i love you and i know that you spirit is still around comforting everybody that you love.rest in peace...
Bryon Foster (Shelton)

January 28, 2006

I know it hurts everyone to see you pass but in there minds they know its alright now you can rest in peace in heaven and play three card poker and have a cold one on me love Brice
Brice foster (Shelton, WA )

January 28, 2006

I love you Grandpa Charlie. And I will miss you very much.
Blake Foster (Shelton, WA )

January 28, 2006

Charlie, thanks for all the great times. We will all miss you. Someday we will all be on the same ship. Until we meet again, party on. Love, Bobby the wrench
Bobby Foster (Shelton, WA )

January 28, 2006

Dear Grandpa,

First of all i like to say that you will always be remebered as the jolly grandpa we all know and love so mutch. You will not be forgoton, there is not a day that goes by that i dont think of you. I will miss youGrandpa.......R.I.P Love Dustin
dustin dreyer (WA )

January 28, 2006


It was an honor to know you and have you as my father -in law.With your smile you could always lift someone up.Your love for all your family members was phenomenal.My thoughts will always be you.So may the good Lord be with you.
God bless. chico.
al ortiz (tacoma, WA )

January 28, 2006

Grandpa, you are missed more and more everyday but as each day passes it gives me comfort to know you are at peace. I feel bad because i wasnt there to talk to you or just be with you as much as i wish i would have now that your gone, but i know that one day we will meet up again and makeup for lost time. I miss u and love you grandpa...
Tony Ortiz (Tacoma, WA )

January 27, 2006

Charlie, It was a pleasure to meet you and know you. You will surely be missed by many. Rest in Peace.
"Physical form has ended, NOT the relationship"
Margie & Walter Benson (Tahuya, WA )

January 26, 2006

May we cherish our memories of you and the love that you shared with your family and friends.
Crystal Branch (Jacksonville, FL )

January 25, 2006

Charlie, I knew you a little and liked you a whole lot. I'm glad you touched my life in the small way that you did. You always had a smile and a good story to tell me when we visited. God take you safely home.
Cinda - your shirt-tail relative
Cinda Bennion (Roy, UT )

January 25, 2006

Charlie, as you walk now in hand with The One, you are remembered by those who loved you and whom you loved for what made you uniquely Charlie. You led a life of quiet dignity, and unheralded gifts which you bestowed on family, community and society. You stood on principles and values, often unannounced publicly but decidely part of what made you You. I won't deviate from your own quiet way, yet it should be known some of the qualities that you quietly cherished.

Once upon a time, (a story you like to tell), when you met Joy, I asked what your intentions were and in your own way you knew what you needed to know which was pretty much none of my business. You gave Joy a life of a deep abiding love as a husband and provider and I smile now at my own youthful anxieties about you entering our lives. Thank you for entering our lives with your strong and persistent way of knowing what you did not often share with the rest of us and you were 'there' for her as well as many of the rest of us. Most recently, with our time with you at Christmas, you've given an affectionate memory that will become part of my Christmas every year forward and I thank you for being so truly Charlie and leaving us with so many affectionate memories.

You were one of those rather silent contributors to society, a humanitarian and would likely chafe at being called such. You gave freely and believed in standing on your priniciples, putting your money to good works in improving the good of humankind. In these times we would call that giving back to society. Yet your way was quiet and while you profess not to be a religious man, you decidedly were a spiritual man. You walked the path of Great Teacher's teachings in ways few who profess the Teacher can actually live their lives. How well you understood the principle of the Samaritan in deeper ways and lived your life in outreach to the outcast and the embraced.

You were what would be known as a 'man's man' in your circles and beloved among the men who shared time with you along your life. I will never know how you actually felt about the water; but content myself that it was an important part of your life and will see and feel you in every body of water I encounter. Your belief in the value of the 'unions' to the well being of the working people stemmed from more than your union membership. Your respect for military service was always solid, and also reflective along political climates. Your belief in family was not what I heard you verbalize in empty words; it was always your actions, Charlie, that spoke a truth about how strongly you loved family. Your beliefs in what they call values in this time was strongly solid and you had a strong sense of right and wrong and a knack for responding to adverse situations that went against your sense of right and wrong without being judmental. You showed us Grace; may we live our lives in that light.

You showed us how to cherish the moment and deeply love living life as you survived one risky medical procedure after another these past years. May we all learn to live in the moment as you've taught us and treasure life experiences, relationships, valuing each other and one another as you did. You taught us that time is precious and to live it in fullness. You've left behind a legacy of a principled man and we will continue to learn from lessons you taught in your own life walk.

As Joy travels now in her life walk without your physical presence beside her, we know you admired her courage and independence, and we know you softened the rough edges of life for her along the way. As you cared for and provided for her in life and she for you; may I borrow from another teacher to help her in the incomprehensible absence of you, Charlie and maybe help myself a bit too as one of many who is experiencing your leaving as a hole that cannot be filled. Looking to the saving grace of healing in accepting the loss of you in this life dimension as we learn to find you again in other dimensions.

Missing you Charlie, love Lietta
Lietta Ruger (Bay Center, WA )

January 24, 2006

Charlie I find myself sitting here missing you so much. I will always cherish the time I have spent with you and the memories I will always have of you. Those are the golden memories that will lay deep in my heart forever.I learned so much from you but what stands out for me is your unconditional love you had for everybody. And that you never made judgement on people for who they were or what they did. I know you are at peace and I have some comfort in that,but boy will I miss you. I love you Dad, God be with you, Denitta
Denitta Ortiz (Tacoma, WA )

January 24, 2006

You will surely be missed Charlie and was really happy that I got to meet and visit with you. It was a honor. Rest now and know that you have left alot of good memories with your family.
Dorothy Krogedal (Froid,, MT )

January 24, 2006

Grandpa Charlie,

You were loved and admired by all that knew you. Thank you so much for always treating me like one of your own Grandkids. Even when Bob and I were just dating you made me feel like part of your family. You are the sweetest man and I will miss you. I will always remember your laugh and smile. You always had the biggest smile on your face. Always happy and enjoying life. I love you. Rest in peace.
Lindsey Foster (Marysville, WA )

January 24, 2006

Dad, words can't describe how much you will be missed. We all love you so much. It gives me comfort to know that you are at peace now.
Kimberly Foster (Shelton, WA )

January 24, 2006

Charlie; You left behind a legacy of goodness and thoughtfullness. Any one would be proud to have known you. You will be in our thoughts and hearts forever and I can't imagine a day going by without a thought or kind word of you. We love you and pray that you are at peace now forever more. Your brother-in-law & sister-in-law
Jim & Linda Flint (Stevensville, MT )

January 24, 2006

I love you Grandfather,
And I regret not spending every last day with you,
But I never regret knowing you,
And I"m proud that your only legacy was:
Generousity, Kindness, Love, Faith and honor.
For that's the only legacy I am carry with me.
(R.I P).
Your granddaughter,
Brianna Holifield (Wahiawa, HI )

January 23, 2006

I miss you so much Babe. Rest in Peace
Joy Ellsworth (Tacoma, WA )

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Looking after us all from your place with The One, we miss you and love you Charlie.

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