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She didn't say much about Iraq there, but afterward, she talked about the war, an issue on which she differs with some of the city's liberal activists. She met privately downtown with a delegation representing military families opposed to the war and calling for an early troop withdrawal.

Seattle Times: 05/05/06 Cantwell's stance on Iraq keeps volunteers away, party chief says
That point was made recently on the popular local liberal blog washblog.com. Arthur Ruger, a state employees union leader, wrote about what he called Cantwell's "blind and proud unwillingness to recognize a foolish and cowardly political act" in voting for the war. But he said tough questions about the war should not be seen as opposition to her re-election. "I'm going to vote for Maria but she gets no free pass from me," Ruger wrote.

Tacoma News Tribune: 03/20/2006  Community marches against war
Joe Colgan, of Kent, said his son, Army 2nd Lt. Benjamin J. Colgan, was killed by a roadside bomb in Baghdad in November of 2003 while serving in an artillery unit. After what’s come out about the conflict, he said, the fact that more people aren’t protesting “drives me nuts.” Lietta Ruger, whose son-in-law and nephew, both 28, are in the Army and facing additional time in Iraq, said she hoped her efforts would prevent other families from feeling the uncertainty and pain of having loved ones in Iraq. An Iraq war veteran took the stage with her. “I did nothing positive in Iraq,” said Joshua Farris, 24, who said he served as an Army cavalry scout during the war’s first six months.


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My Vote is My Voice online interview - group blog. Lietta Ruger 08/28/05

Information Clearing House & DailyKos "Your son volunteered. He knew what he was getting into ..." By Arthur Ruger 08/20/05

Salem Oregon Statesman Journal Oregan Woman (Adele Kubein) Joins Cindy Sheehan in Crawford, Tx. 08/18/05

Salem Oregon Statesman Journal 8/17/05 Local vigils to coincide with Texas peace rally Michelle DeFord and Adele Kubein

New York Daily News 08/17/05 Looks like Pentagon's walk tramples truth Lietta Ruger

HorsesAss.org. WA blogger Lietta Ruger of Dying Warriors has joined Cindy Sheehan in her vigil outside President Bushs ranch in Crawford, TX. 08/14/05

Michael Moore.com and Komo4 (Seattle) News August 13th, 2005 11:20 pm Northwest Woman Joins Protest Outside President Bush's Ranch (Lietta and Arthur Ruger)

Seattle PI 08/12/05 NW mom enlists in the Texas peace corps Lietta Ruger

Intervention Magazine 07/20/05 Three mothers on their soldier sons, on issues that the media ignores and the Bush Administration doesn't want you to read about. By Lisa Gill, Lietta Ruger, and Cindy Sheehan

Published on Wednesday, July 13, 2005 by MinutemanMedia.org and commondreams.org Let Mr. Bush Explain the War to Highschoolers by Stacy Bannerman

News.baou.com 07/03/05 Open Letter: Mr President, I'll Fly My Flag At Half Staff On July 4. Military families speaking out. Lietta Ruger

AfterDowningStreet.org 5/29/05 A plea from Military Families Against the War in Britain to friends in America. Judy Linehan

KOMO 4 TV; 'Military Families Speak Out Against Stop-Loss Policy', April 16, 2005 (Michelle Bryant)

20/20 with John Stossel; 'Why Doesn't Uncle Sam Want These Troops?' April 15, 2005 (Michelle Bryant)

Seattle Times; Article 'Footing the Bill of war' April 7, 2005 (Stacy Bannerman)

The Source,Bend,Oregon; Article; 'Supporting the Troops, A conversation with Lietta and Arthur Ruger' April 7, 2005

Seattle PI; 'U.S. Courts Uphold Extending Enlistments', April 7, 2005 (Michelle Bryant)

links to multiple media coverage on Santiago v. Rumsfeld trial, April 6, 2005. (Emiliano Santiago and his attny Steven Goldberg. MFSO represented by Eric Blickenstaff, Doug Nielson, Susan Livingston, Lietta Ruger)

Daily Evergreen, WSU (WA) student newspaper; 'Group looks to bring National Guard home' April 4, 2005 (Lietta Ruger on delegation who presented Resolution to Governor Gregoire = Susan Livingston, Angela Blickenstaff, Stacy Bannerman, Lietta Ruger, Wes Hamilton)

Bend Bulletin; article on'Cost of War' conference, Bend,Oregon, March 27, 05 (Lietta and Arthur Ruger)

Seattle Weekly; article 'Closing the Credibility Gap' March 23-29,05 (Lietta Ruger)

Houston Chronicle; Peace call marks war anniversary, March 21,05 (Sherry Glover)

The Olympian; Division over war bared, March 20, 05 (Susan Livingston and Angela Blickenstaff)

Seattle Times; Thousands rally to protest Iraq war, March 20, 05 (Lietta and Arthur Ruger)

Air America Radio; The Laura Flanders Show, March 19, 05 (Susan Livingston)

Seattle PI; Article 'The War Comes Home: Feeling two years of sacrifice, A 'family' forged by costs of battle' March 19, 2005 (Georgia and Rod Shilz, Parents of Spc. Joseph M.D. Blickenstaff, 23, from Fort Lewis' Stryker Brigade, who died Dec. 8, 2003)

The Daily Olympian; Fort Lewis soldier's family urges Gregoire to oppose deployment, March 9, 05 (Susan Livingston, Angela Blickenstaff, Lietta Ruger)

Tacoma News Tribune article; Delegation presents Resolution to Governor Gregoire's office compelling her to call home National Guard, March 9, 05 Susan Livingston, Lietta Ruger, Stacy Bannerman)

Hardball, Chris Matthews, deployed National Guard wife guests with author, Karen Houppert, 'Home Fires Burning'. March 2, 2005 (Stacy Bannerman)

Episcopal Voice publication, Olympia Diocese, Western Washington, March 2005, Leap of Faith (Lietta Ruger)

The Portland Alliance.org Military Families Speak Out By Lila Zucker 03/05

Pacifica Radio, KPFT, Eyes Wide Open, Texas, Feb 7, 2005 (Sherry Glover)

Tacoma News Tribune article; Aching for Closure, Blickenstaff family, Feb 21, 2005

Letter to Congressman Adam Smith, from Pacific Northwest MFSO families, Jan 23,05 (Stacy Bannerman, Sherry Tilstra)

Prayer Flag Vigil, Portland, Oregon, Jan 20, 2005, photos also at this link. (Eric Blickenstaff)

MFSO Presentation by Susan Livingston and Eric Blickenstaff, sister and brother to Joseph Blickenstaff, fallen soldier in Iraq, 2003. Presentation at 100 Thousand and Counting Vigil held at Olympia campus, Olympia, WA, Jan 15, 2005

100 Thousand and Counting, Jan 15,05, Olympia Campus, Olympia,WA (Susan Livingston, Eric Blickenstaff)




Band of Sisters, Oct 04 (includes Stacy Bannerman)

Seattle PI; A soldier's wife blasts Bush for 'backdoor' draft. Oct 04 (Stacy Bannerman)

on KPLU, Bellamy Pailthorp; "Voice of the Voters": Military Families For and Against the War. Oct 04. audio (Judy Linehan)

Newshour with Jim Lehrer; Homefront Battle. aired Oct 04; streaming video, audio, and online article w photos. (Lietta Ruger, Arthur Ruger, Stacy Bannerman)

Common Dreams article;Senator Warner Misses Meeting with Military Families Speak Out. Oct 04 (Stacy Bannerman)

The Seattle Times; MFSO families meet with Moms on Tour, Oct 04 (Lietta Ruger, Arthur Ruger, Stacy Bannerman)

Spokesman Review article; Some Military Families Oppose War, April 04 (Stacy Bannerman)

Environmentalists Against War A Mother, A Daughter, A War March 21, 2004 Adele Kubein

"It's time to punch the clock ... the Battle for America has begun"

Click on link above for an excellent 4 minutes of getting your patriotic fire relit.