Disconnect, Connecting the Pattern

Suddenly or subtly over decades?


This is a website in formation.  I will use it to put forward a view of a concept that what is happening in our country on a global scale in the political, military, economical and even religiosity scale are not randomly disconnected events.  Rather they may seem disconnected but are tightly woven and intertwined with a core objective.
  Connecting the dots unfolds a pattern and when one can see a pattern, it brings a sense of harmony even in this new disruptive environment.  With a sense of pattern, we are enabled and empowered to reject it and make a new pattern, more in line with our views, our deeply held values and beliefs where the integrity is clear in the pattern. 

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The Manchurian President

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Much More Coming, Please check back often.

John Marks, Search Manchurian Candidate

Reason for the disconnect

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