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 It's been several years since last the Curmudgeon shared his wise and sage advice.  But he's back now, thrifty, frugal, and highly in demand now that sustainable living, repurposing items, recycling instead of waste, eco-friendly and intentional consumer purchases are the new norm.

Our cranky Curmudgeon likes to share age-old helpful hints - wanted or not. Hope you enjoy our ol' friend, and his unsolicited advice in saving a buck or two.
Disclaimer;  Suggestions, hints, tips, ideas -- try them at your own risk.  I have not tried them all and cannot guarantee any results.  They are at best meant to be tried using your own good common sense. 
Copyrights; many items shown throughout this website appear at other sites around the internet.  I have collected helpful hints over the years and saved to my documents, sometimes with links to source, sometimes without sourced links.  If you recognize it and it needs a source link, let me know and I will add the link.  However, in my internet surfing over the years, I see many repetitious items repeated across many different sites, groups, blogs.  It is not as easy to retrospectively source link all the material I have collected over the years, but I do believe in giving credit where credit is due or multiple credit if it is a repetitious item.    Let me know, and I'll make adjustment, correction....

 His new home at his website isn't quite ready for his homecoming, so bear with me and my construction dust while I get his new home website ready.

I asked Arthur (you know, ol' TurnerJake) to give me a hand with the Skinflint Curmudgeon,so we'll be working on the Curmudgeon's
blog and making him a MySpace too, right along with the website and newsletters.

I'd like to get more of the family involved in putting words in the Curmudgeon's mouth (so to speak) so if ya don't mind sending along some of those ideas, you can help bring new life to the ol' Curmudgeon and help him dispense his sage advice. Send me an email

coming Soon


Well maybe not so soon - union says gotta take those coffee breaks ya know

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A few of my focus blogs to round it out....Skinflint does have his own blogs, yes.

Everything Old is New

Bundelz (blog)

The Miserly Skinflint Curmudgeon blog

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Keep Coming Back and have fun watching the ol' Skinflint Curmudgeon's new website home grow. 
Watch for his newest and latest wise and sage advice. 

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