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Don’t throw away an old shower curtain when you update your bathroom decor - find a crafty way to reuse it! Not only will you save space in the landfill, you will also save money on the things that you won’t have to buy!

In the Garden

  • use as a barbecue cover; simply tie in place with rope or strong twine
  • cover the outdoor woodpile with an old shower curtain
  • spread on your plant potting table for easy cleanup
  • cover tender plants with a shower curtain on frosty nights
  • use as a weed barrier around trees, shrubs and flower beds
  • kill weeds by covering with an opaque shower curtain weighted down until weeds die off
  • a shower curtain can double as a tablecloth for the picnic table
  • use a vinyl shower curtain as a pond or fountain liner
  • fold into a rectangle and use as a damp-proof kneeling pad when planting or weeding
  • spread out as a dry place to sit down when the grass is damp
  • throw down a shower curtain as ground cover under your sleeping bag when camping
  • use as a tarp when raking leaves in the fall

In the Sewing Room

  • make several beach bags to hold wet bathing suits from one shower curtain
  • use it to line fabric tote bags for carrying frozen or refrigerated foods home from the store
  • use as a diaper bag lining
  • cut up a pretty shower curtain and sew into cafe curtains
    use a clear shower curtain to make see-through pockets when sewing a roll-up cosmetic or jewellery case, or add as an outside photo pocket on a tote bag or purse
  • make little coin purses with a zipper or velcro closure
  • sew a rectangle cut from a shower curtain into a tube, thread elastic in both hem cases, then hang to hold and dispense grocery bags
  • sew into washable baby bibs

For the Kids

  • cut up an old shower curtain to make durable school book covers
  • spread over the work table before the kids do art work
  • let the kids have an old shower curtain to make a pup tent indoors or in the backyard
  • overlap the ends of two shower curtains, lay them on the grass and soak with the hose as a slip-and-slide toy
  • use tiny pieces of clear vinyl shower curtain to make see-through windows in a doll house
  • cut a rectangle out of a shoebox top, line with clear shower curtain vinyl, and use as a window for a shadow box scene
  • spread a shower curtain on the bed to protect sheets during times of illness, nose bleeds or bed wetting

Around the House

  • line shelves with pieces of a shower curtain
  • use as a drop cloth or dust cover when painting or renovating
  • cut a section of shower curtain and lay it near the door to protect the floor from wet shoes
  • lay a section of old shower curtain underneath the cat litter box to catch spills
  • use a clear shower curtain as a window insulator in winter; attach with peel-off clear caulking for easy removal in spring
  • use as a furniture throw to protect the chair or sofa fabric from pets at night

For the Car

  • let the home car mechanic have an old shower curtain to lie on when fixing the car
  • lay a shower curtain in the trunk to protect the carpet when transporting plants or other items
  • protect the back seat with a shower curtain when taking the dog or cat to the vet

Source:  Many of the ideas included here were generously contributed by members of the WasteNothing Yahoo Group, an awesome online community devoted to sharing frugal tips for reusing and recycling almost everything. 

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