Me ' n George are aginst them there Intellectchals

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Only problem is that George has got a lot more of em to be aginst than I do. I can't list em all. There's so many of them intellectchals to check out I rue the day the little woman bought me this computer ta take my mind offa other things.

Yeah, George has got more a them smart guys than I do.

All I got is a few a them blowhards, guys like Flush Limbaugh, Factor O'Reilly, Sqawk Hannity and that Coulter Lady (her writin is downright mean). All of em are kinda funny soundin cause they say it all in a high-falootin way that gives me the hint that they know stuff.

Then I read on an git reminded of the loudest talkers at the Elk Snout Tavern - you know the kind, they talk the most, say the least and want everybody to buy their drinks.

No sir, I don't envy George and all those intellectchals he's got to deal with. Dang smarty pantsers they are. Keep writing and askin questions George don't wanna answer. I'm sure George has got one, but like on TV last week, sometimes them answers just leave im.

Mr. William Cosby once said that when that happens, all ya need ta do is sit down real hard and the answer will bounce up from where ya normally keep it and land right in yer mind.

Come ta think of it, I betcha that's why Flush, Factor, Sqawk and Coulter all talk the way they do. They probably just sit down hard, open their mouths and whup!....... out comes the hot air.

Well George, I'll do my part here to smack them intellectchals (takes me 2 minutes just to type that word) while you go ahead and take on all them that are after ya.

Only one piece of advice George, try not to get that blank look on yer face when yer on national TV.

If ya have to, git Duck Chaney to stand up there with ya. I hear yer more willin to be talkative if he's there to help out. He'll whisper outta the side of that mouth I saw him twist when he was warning us gun-toters about John Kerry fixin ta take away our insult rifles or whatever kind of gun that Charlton Heston's cold white fingers won't let go of.

Arthure Ruger 2005

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