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Wise Governance

The war on terrorism is not that kind of conflict and does not represent that kind of danger to America.

The American Choice is for Americans to assert themselves before the next election sets dumb precedents for future presidentsAmericans have never chosen the behavior of this president and vice president.

In this country - whose founding was authored by the finest political minds available on the North American continent at the time - our wisest thinkers never intended nor authorized any sort of executive branch managed by an elected imperial president. Not then and not now.

Nor did our wisest thinkers ever authorize in the Constitution a diminishing of citizen acccountabilty to itself for keeping everyone as honest, open and above board as possible.

Nothing in 200 years has changed ... not world wars, great depressions and certainly not terrorist attacks. None have required, let alone justified, the suspension or change of Constitutional process/procedure and checks and balances that rein in potential and real aspirations to increased power by one branch over the others.

Americans have never chosen that circumstance and do not chose it at this time.

Americans have never agreed that a pretend "war on terrorism" is the modern equal of past World Wars that required consideration of nothing more than momentary suspension of Constitutional rights in the name of security.

The war on terrorism is not that kind of conflict and does not represent that kind of danger to America.

Americans know this and have known this however many have forgotten it or believed someone else's magic promise of freedom from exaggerated and manufactured fear.

Americans have a choice to make and a choice to convey to the powers that be.

No silliness about branches and accountability

No executive privilege without open, honest and provable justification.

That razor's edge I mentioned ....

When you are involved with a military loved one's attempt to cope with the consequences after the event of that kind of "no-choice-is-a-good-choice", you're no longer dealing with "knowing" something intellectually.

You're no longer looking through a glass tainted by jingoism and false pretensions to nobility in praise of soldier sons and daughters.

It has become real. Your soldier is asking, "What have I done?

What have I become?"

When a human being gets to that point, having picked up a sword in the name of love of country, defense of family and homeland, those who prompted and encouraged his action had better offer more than the shallow platitudes of fleeting nobility and a political party's gratitude as opposed to a nation's gratitude.

When Bush speaks of gratitude to soldiers who are sacrificing in Iraq, he is in reality saying, "The party is grateful for your sacrifice, soldier!"

And that is so shameful from the one person who we all look to see echoes of Washington, Lincoln, and Roosevelt and see only restless eyes, nervous giggles and an occasional snicker.

It's the epitome of incompetent desperation.

American Choice for Americans

Impeachment for un-American choices.

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