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As I write this a 48-year old mother of an American soldier slain in Iraq is tenting for America's core values a mile from the Crawford, Texas vacation spot for the supposedly most powerful man in the world.

... an individual with the mantle of leadership upon whom an entire nation placed its confidence and expectation of wisdom by way of formal national election.

... an individual who uses words like "dying for a noble cause" in such a throw-away manner as to arouse astonishment even among the troops themselves and those veterans among us willing to speak up.

He has forfeited the moral high ground to a 48-year-old grieving mother who says that a casual reference to "noble" falls way short of a real answer to "Why?"

He and our republican-dominated leadership are in crisis across a broad venue of scandals. His public appearances only make things worse image-wise. It's that old moment when someone discredited should not say any more because every time he does, he makes it worse.

It's been suggested that his only avenue of publicity is to appear in tandem with other republicans still holding sufficient high public standing to ricochet light to him.

But who has remained free from some sort of political taint? Not the congressional legislators, not the republican evangelicals, none of the potential 2008 republican successors to this discredited president.

Cindy Sheehan has taken full control of the moral high ground on the Iraq War. Swift-Boating the mother of a soldier who died to preserve a lie won't work the wonder it did on a presidential candidate last year.

Raising Children Morally

I suspect that the literalist psychology comes into play with biblical passages about raising children "in the Lord" and the like.

Those swayed by the anti-cartoon rhetoric might possibly have some sense that their child's relationship with anyone outside the family - at that tender toddling age - could somehow compete with the intimate harmony of the family in a home setting where spiritual brainwashing is so powerfully accomplished as a normal part of growing up.

Such a concern might be more legitimate as the children get older - say nearer the pre-pubsecent junior-high-school ages when peer pressure mounts with terrifying rapidity.

In a home where a dissatisfied Christian conscience possibly acknowledges that the family life has not been "perfect" as idealized in every Christian congregation, the parents justifiably -in their heart of hearts - sense that forcing religion on children may not have been the best way.

Communicating religious dogma and doctrine is a hell of a lot easier than communicating a spiritual sense of ethical morality and doing good for the sake of goodness.

How many kids grow up in so-called Christian homes having reached a point of tuning out the preaching?

How many have grown up admiring their parents but struggling with a sense of quiet desparation in not living up to an unreasonable standard of "righteousness" that has made so many Christian clergy-celebrities rich and so many families torn?

Arthur Ruger 2005

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