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The Stampeders
Okay guys, let's take some hate, half-truths and downright lies and stampede the electorate!

16 March 2008

Candidates and parties, using manipulation and newspeak has inserted this kind of nonsense into public discourse.

... the world can be divided into worthy and unworthy and that any human being has a right to judge another on a spiritual level. - Noemie Maxwell on Washblog

It is a sad time when politics draws judgmental religious thinking into an arena where inflammatory sermons without fail do more harm than good.

Lietta and I are reading Frank Schaeffer's bio "Crazy for God." Schaeffer's father (Francis Schaeffer) is credited by most as being the theological father of the late 1970's and early 1980's evangelical insertion into activist political dialog. The father'ss focus was almost exclusively on opposition to abortion. For example, Operation Rescue's Randall Terry openly credits Francis Schaeffer as his inspiration.

The later chapters of the son's book address Frank's own deteriorating attitude regarding religious celebrities who speak on political issues. I recommend Frankie's book to anyone with an interest in the history and growth of evangelical political agitation. (For more specifics, go to the The Yurica Report: The Despoiling of America)

Unfortunately, the gates to political preaching were opened 30 or more years ago when purely greedy televangelists recognized an opportunity for greater fame, greater audiences and corresponding cash flow (or notoriety) by taking cues in hate-mongering and anger-mongering from the likes of Limbaugh.

Actually, one could even go further back for inspiration in modeling one's own pulpit political content based on the political activist preaching of Dr. King. King's preaching and speeches gave us the healthiest form of religious/political rhetoric - probably because it stuck to the liberal compassionate philosophy of Christ as found in the New Testament.

Sadly, it now seems commonplace for ignorant and poorly-read political biblicist candidates like McCain to attempt to make hay or lure supporters of the ilk of John Hagee and Rod Parsely. These are those whose indignation seems to be more patently and deliberate grandstanding as opposed to the assumed sincere and righteous indignation unleashed in Reverend Wright's fire.

In addition, although Hagee's literalist devotion to the end-times fantasy comes across as naive ravings of Donald Duck, there are evangelicals who still naively and passively assumed that the political manure dragged by preachers into their sermons is the same god-talk that Jesus talked.

The underlying problem to all of this which now seems a permanently-embedded aspect of political life in America (a more effective way to knock down any wall of separation than some constitutionally mandated formality) is how one party using manipulation and newspeak has inserted this kind of nonsense into public discourse.

Traditional and presumably non-self-righteous parties and candidates are nevertheless forced to talk the talk and walk the walk of religious rhetoric whether they want to or not. Politically, Fake Consultant's words about America's own role in generating the creation of emotional global "IED's" of resentment and downright hatred of this country are on target.

Writings like Chalmers Johnson's books and William Blum's "Rogue State" are not refutable unless you are so blindly nationalistic and full of the limitations of jingoism that your proclamation of "America: Love it or Leave It" becomes the unspoken arrogance of your own ignorance as well.

Undeniably, American global imperialism is why the most insignificant of American citizens cannot travel abroad without the need for serious consideration of personal safety, not to mention the need for much more CASH.

We have the extremely inferior and failed Corporate Free-Market Government-Bail-Out-Supported system to thank for that. (Would Jesus have bailed out Bear who more than likely ruthlessly refused to forgive it's on economic debtors?)

As a members of a global community we Americans are both economic and religious global imperialists. Honest evidence and observation makes that statement is almost impossible to rebut with the use of lying and self-serving rhetoric. ... unless you are a political and religious bigot taught by shallow contemporary corporate conservatism to believe the at all costs, what is good for American business is good for the whole planet regardless of American Corporate tactics and strategy.

It's the ultimate answer to the growing negative response to an old American cliche: "Would you buy a used car (do business) with this guy?"

A friend at work told me about her father taking the family dog for an evening walk in the nearby woods. When the dog suddenly got aroused and commenced a furious barking at something ahead, his owner saw a black bear sauntering across the trail.
The bear seemed oblivious to the dog and it's master and crossed with only a minor hesitation. ... until the dog began barking at the two cubs who started across the path following their momma. Then all hell broke loose and without hesitation, Momma black bear was in full charge right down the trail.
Although having to drag the damn snarling dog some 50 yards, the owner managed to get the hound moving in time to flee the scene and outrun the angry momma.
So when is our inner Momma or Papa Bear going to grouch out and stick up for us, our families and our own good name? Most of the major players in both parties to our current Congressional drama do not see us in a positive light. They don't think they can count on us.
Because they've lost confidence in us AND in themselves. They don't trust us to watch their backs and have no confidence in their ability to generate our trust of them.
To date apparently a majority of easily distracted citizens entertained-by-the-trivial have proven those political assumptions quite valid.
Why are Republicans and broadcast personalities getting away with following a stubborn party discipline that continues its pathetic betrayal of our country?
Honestly, it's because they consider us gullible and downright stupid.
That's why they keep playing the false and jingoistic patriot card. It's also why presidential candidates from both parties believe and trust what their spin doctors tell them - because that's how we got to this shallow end of the pool. It's called manipulation and over the years we've invited it.
Our elected envoys are reluctant to fight tooth and nail in the political arena - the arena where they're supposedly expert and most experienced - because they themselves believe that the Republican tactics are effective and that Republican assumptions about gullible voters are valid and justified.
When Republicans threaten to go to the American people with a presentation that Democrats hate America; that Democrats want to betray the troops and are not patriotic because they want to end the war ... Democrats believe those Republican tactics are unfair but accept them as tactically effective.
Without ever saying so, those we chose and to whom we gave as much political clout as possible seem afraid to wield that power; wordlessly declaring their belief that we voters will remain gullible, dumbed-down and fickle. That's why they can hide behind the 60-vote strategy which is about ultimate blame Democrats will be able to avoid when - as they assume - we as citizens betray their trying to the right thing.
A majority of us will again believe Republican lies and then vote Dems back out of office. The sad part is that Republicans will keep doing their thing as long as the only ones calling them on their words and deeds are political rivals who lack confidence in their own backers.
I repeat, Democrats tremble in hesitation because they also believe that a majority of Americans will still believe the Republicans. Yes, we citizens need to support our troops and insure that the government supports them in the most significant areas of their lives.
Yes, we need to watch their backs and hold accountable a treacherous president with more blood on his hands than Hussein himself.
But we need to watch somebody else's back. We need to assure or molly coddle those Democrats we sent back East to do the right thing ... to help them do the right thing.
We need to cancel Democrats' reasons for being afraid. If we don't ... and if they don't turn this fight into a knock-down drag out before the next election, these Democrats will leave way too many ugly precedents in place; precedents that will tempt future presidents from whichever party.
We need to help those we sent so Bush will be stopped, MADE accountable, and made to pay a political and personal price ... so the next president will think twice before trying something similar. ... or we may never unravel the damage.
How long will we let Republicans and Broadcast stampeders insult us citizens?
Perhaps until we stop looking the other way and pretending that we have other more meaningful priorities.


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