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Please know this: Proof is beyond dispute, beyond denial by secretaries of state and beyond being ignored and put down by major broadcast networks who are hiding raw exit-poll data and who appear to have something to hide.
Between now and Inauguration Day millions are going to awaken to doubts about the integrity of this recent election. The election was seriously manipulated, an entire electorate was violated and those now posing as honestly elected as well as those who pose as having honestly supported the pretenders will look more and more ridiculous in the spotlight of publicity.
The so-called "overhaul" to rescue Social Security is another fraud-in-progress.
Denial of the need for economic decisions and actions that could slow or reverse global warning and a deteriorating global ecology is another fraud-in-progress.
Tax cuts disguised as tax reform is another fraud-in-progress.
Personal "onership" of a means by which we can afford health care is another fraud-in-progress - just as the Medicare Reform Bill is a fraud-much-further-in-progress.
Suppression of wages, unions and employee retirement plans as a means of "growing the economy" is another fraud-in-progress.
These are part of the larger overall fraud of a religion that is the equal of Christianity among wealthier and corporate Americans. Led by the ilk of economic theologies spewing forth from an assortment of corporate-sponsored think tanks and theoretical strategists of the Grover Norquist ilk, the economic theology of number-crunched corporate capitalism is as sterile and empty as the whited-sepulchre of literal Christianity's 'innerant and absolute Bible."
Both are fixed and inflexible ideologies built upon concepts and extrapolations now turned to stone. Neither take into account the most powerful force that always successfully resists mindless adherence to a fixed dogma ... human nature.
Much like the Pharisaic Falwells, Robertsons and LaHayes, these current self-appointed born-again purveyors of economic theory inevitably run into problems when human masses don't follow the playbook.
Just as many Christians have demonstrated that not all of us willingly live lives as blind followers of rigid Scribes and judgemental Pharisees, we all do not manage our economic lives according to some wise and proven dogma of capitalism.
And just like Christian history has demonstrated overwhelmingly the human capacity for unrighteous dominion, crusades, inquisitions and outright murder, economic history is replete with evidence of the human capacity for unrighteous economic dominion, economic crusade, inquisition, manipulation and in some cases the outright murder of citizens who did not attend the official economic church.
Moneyed capitalism lies behind the election fraud - an action that betrays any notion that unrestricted free-market activity is driven by a natural desire of all participants for the highest good of all concerned.
Moneyed capitalism and its dark sinfulness of greed and self-interest lie behind the election fraud and the moves already in progress to redistribute the wealth in this country.
Rescue of Social Security by gutting it, protecting the environment by raping it, taxing more of the poor and less of the rich, putting more and more citizens out of reach of affordable health care and suppression of wages and benefits are not tenets of an economic theory or policy that reflects the intention of achieving the highest good for all concerned.
They are in fact high evidence of pursing Darwinian economics - the survival of the most agressive at the expense of the most vulnerable.
That is what is at stake when we let corporate media tempt us to look the other way while the fox raids the henhouse. That is what is at stake if we let our apathy dominate our sense of American freedom and the power of democratic process.
All those self-important arrogant talking heads are absolutely not smarter than we are. But they sure like to pretend we are.
Are we going to pretend they're right? 
Arthur Ruger 2004

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