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Please know this: Proof is beyond dispute, beyond denial by secretaries of state and beyond being ignored and put down by major broadcast networks who are hiding raw exit-poll data and who appear to have something to hide.
Between now and Inauguration Day millions are going to awaken to doubts about the integrity of this recent election. The election was seriously manipulated, an entire electorate was violated and those now posing as honestly elected as well as those who pose as having honestly supported the pretenders will look more and more ridiculous in the spotlight of publicity.
The font here is blood-red for a reason.
An administration with no mandate whatsoever for needless killing is preparing to continue the slaughter should we continue to look the other way and pretend that Survivor, CSI and Desparate Housewives are more important; or that the truth omitted from our largest broadcast programs must not be relevant if they are not talking about it.
The War in Iraq was a post 9/11 fraud foisted on a fear-driven electorate as the commander-in-chief truly worshipped a higher father; a father of lies, greed and imperialism.
Too many Americans were smelling the rot coming out of the stewpot of exxagerated fear-mongering. Too many Americans became aroused these past two years.
Too many Americans began questioning the reason for troops in harm's way and too many families started questioning the deception proclaimed arrogantly and with a straight face.
We're about to hear things that should arouse the most intense indignation one can imagine - an indignation that we as a people truly did not authorize a president to stay the course.
Only the sleepiest among us believe fair and balanced campaigns in Iraq are going to lead to a fair expression of the will of the Iraqi electorate in less than five weeks.
Only the sleepiest or most distracted among us remain blindly assured that war was the right decisions.
Only the blindest followers of a misunderstood code continue to insist the citizens are not patriotic if they don't blindly accept the unchallenged political self-interest of its commander-in-chief's decisions.
Only the most outrageous Christian hypocrites make mountains out of moral molehills at the expense of the heart and compassion of the real gospel of Christ.
Anti-abortion ranters who stand idly bye saying and doing nothing about the slaughter in Iraq are the most outrageous Christian hypocrites.
The destruction of civilians in Fallujah is the result of fear-mongering fraud. A continuation of Fallujah-type destruction of the Iraqi people in the name of rescuing the survivors with the President's definition of "freedom" will be the consequence of fraud against the American voter.
Calling ourselves heroic spreaders of "freedom" who are doing battle with amoral Muslim killers driven primarily out of a hate of our own corporate-driven consumer freedoms is another fraud.
Why do we let these people sell us bridges and worthless stock in pseudo-American ideals?
Why do we let this administration embarass our returning soldiers maimed for life by being chintzy with treatment, benefits and support?
Why do we robot-like jerk to attention when leadership waves the flag at the same time it blames the problem of inadequately-protected troops on someone else beneath their pedestal?
The majority of the electorate did not authorize the president and his subordinates to continue a needless waste of American and Iraqi lives and the wasteful exploitation of the environment and national economy.
But then, maybe worrying about liberal attacks on Christmas, about the coming Super Bowl and about which film will win the Oscar ARE significantly more important.
Arthur Ruger 2004

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