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They had their chance and muffed it. In the truest sense of forgery, the current Republican party forged the 2000 and 2004 elections with the subsequent forging of a pretended voter "mandate." Using that false mandate as license to pursue the highest good for all Americans, what we see is what we got from the Republican Party:

And then we woke up

A "war" that is not a war, but a meat grinder into which innocent American's are dumped

a "war" that is not a war, but a meat grinder in which innocent men, women and children are killed in the name of lies and false slogans

a Republican political majority supported by a Christian Evangelical base that willfully looked the other way and refused to address the killing carried on in the name of a pretended Christian America.

a wasteful dissipation of the Clinton budget surplus

removal by tax cut of proportional burden of taxes on the rich and greater burden on the middle class

a national debt run up to more than $8 trillion and growing at more than $3 billion daily

high gas prices and outrageous and unjustifiable oil company profits

denial of global warming and ongoing refusal to do anything about it

government failure through cronyism

government integrity failures after campaign promises of morale integrity.

political fogging as to the real reasons why there are so many without medical coverage

discrediting science in the name of religious literalism.

Denial of treatment and prescription drug access based on religious prejudice.

Revelation: a now public truth that the Republican Party has authorized torture, secret prisons and everything we detested about right wing political practices in all those countries we were told were evil.

We raised our voices together. The bullies who were not thrown out by the 2006 election are trembling in the school yard because the rest of us are circling them, out numbering them, rolling up our sleeves and getting closer to administering their come uppance. When credibility dies, it dies rapidly and only the liars cannot see it.

They keep repeating the same old lies, the same old slogans, the same old tired falsehoods, Their words are lies Their justifications are false They are wasting our time, our resources and our precious blood. And DickCheney is the last who still think of us as dumbass gullibles.

His ability to use "dishonest" and "reprehensible" in a single sentence a year or so ago was quite an accomplishment for someone who has always used dishonest and reprehensible tactics to lead a country into war, defend a dishonest and reprehensible cause and do so behind a history of five deferments from military service.

Opportunists peddling cynical and pernicious falsehoods to gain political advantage leading to the deaths of U.S. soldiers in Iraq are precisely the reason those deaths occurred. The opportunists are still squatting in the driver's seat making tired political speeches totally lacking in substance and sincerity.

Misleading Americans before the war "is one of the most dishonest and reprehensible acts ever perpetrated in this city."

Arthur Ruger 2007

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