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our V.P hiding behind dunghills

Sat Nov 19, 2005

We seem to be cursed with a leader who remains confused about his role ... a Vice President who would rather lie than preserve and protect.

We who make the effort to vote in this country do so with an extremely powerful - almost sacred - abstraction in mind; the notion that a majority voice from the voting populace will reflect majority wisdom when ballot decisions are finally tallied.

Very few who vote do so with a consciousness that they are so uninformed and foolish, misguided or ignorant, that their vote will harm rather than help the country.

We vote because - at the very least - we have some expectation that America's silent voting majority is wise and should speak.

Win or lose, when the decisions are made, the victorious candidates receive a leadership mantle which consists of expectations, respect, regard and trust reflective of American faith in a democratic process.

For that reason, post-election honeymoons have had significant impact on the long-term influence of political victors and their ability to stay in the driver's seat.

However, the other significant aspect of political honeymoons is the time when that shy, trusting and hopeful respect proffered the new guys in town comes to an end; when it becomes imperative that the assumption of the leadership mantle gets justified and validated by demonstrated leadership integrity.

Americans who vote ultimately cast their ballots based on an ideal that blends perceptions of agreement with a political philosophy and assumptions that the leadership integrity of their candidate and political party ultimately retains the highest good of the country - regardless of party affiliation. Elected officials are thus obligated to demonstrate such integrity.

Recent public speeches demonstrate that we're not seeing much political and patriotic integrity that reflects a passion for the highest good of the country. What we're seeing reflects a self-serving passion for the survival of the party in power and denigration of political opponents at all costs - treating the intelligence and consciousness of the electorate with contempt.

As foolish as we see our president's failure to validate and justify the electoral majority he supposedly received in 2000 and 2004, George Bush's self-presentation as a beer-drinking buddy who knows how to turn on a chain-saw and cut brush, how to drive a pickup truck, ride a bicycle in leotards, and speak off-the-cuff reveals an assumed intellectual ineptitude that appeals to an assumed equally-shallow majority of folksy and supportive American voters.

The lack of presidential intellect is then - by design - offset by his so-called intellectual neocon mentor, the Vice President of the United States of America.

We have been led down the path that says we can have a folksy guy who without self-conscious reluctance will talk the god-talk, talk the cowboy, beer and race-care talk and mock intellectuals.

Why? Because at the same time the podunk president has at his side one of the ultimate intellectual experts who knows the stuff, has the power and will to reflect the best and brightest lights shining from that new legacy of wisdom, the American mind-slingers-for-hire neocon think tanks.

We've been led down the primrose path by the greater disappointment of these two politicians, Mr. other-priorities-in-the-60's Cheney.

It's not the dingbat who openly reveals that what we see is all that there is to see. It's the vice-dingbat who openly reveals that what we see is what he wants us to see rather than what represents the honest advocacy of the highest good.

We are long-wearied of lies, manipulation and disinformation.

We are long-wearied of repetitive cynical reminders of how stupid we are assumed to be and how those reminders are repeatedly presented.

What to expect from real elected patriots:

If Vice President Cheney wants to address "cynical and pernicious falsehoods" over the war in Iraq to gain political advantage, then the electorate deserves open and simple denials of the charges; not disingenuous counterattacks.

We ought to hear indignant denial: "We did NOT lie. We did not manipulate the facts or cook the books."

Nothing More, nothing less.

Rather than hearing "The president and I cannot prevent certain politicians from losing their memory, or their backbone - but we're not going to sit by and let them rewrite history," we should hear Mr. Cheney again refute any rewriting of history by the honest and open declaration:

"We did NOT lie. We did not manipulate the facts or cook the books."

Rather than hearing our Vice Dingbat talk about the most dishonest and reprehensible charges ever aired in this city," let us hear these republicans openly and simply refute the allegations:

Once again, "We did NOT lie. We did not manipulate the facts or cook the books."

Dishonest and reprehensible is what happens when those who serve under the mantle of leadership attack rather than admit or deny the truth of the issues.

The Cheney-Bush position on torture is simple: "America does not torture." They believe that if you say it often enough, people will believe it.

But the truth on torture is somewhat different.

A mantle-bearing, trustworthy and honest Vice-President and the intellectual midget good-old-boy president he girds up will strengthen public confidence by something more than "we do not torture."

If George cannot speak intelligently about torture and war-time expediency then certainly the wiser-than-everybody neocon Dick Cheney can and should.

To the public directly from his lips rather than from other sources we need to hear, "My fellow citizens, the reasons I am advocating the authorization for torture are as follows ....."

Speak to what makes suspicion flourish and stop hiding behind dunghills.

"My fellow citizens, in 2001 I met with the following energy officials and we discussed ..... " speaks to resolve what otherwise makes suspicion flourish as we see our V.P hiding behind dunghills.

What we are seeing - in its natural and inevitable form - is the consequence of on-going failure to maintain credibility; of relying too frequently on political attacks; and the assumption that swift-boating will always overrule common sense.

We see our integrity-challenged leaders - with 3 full years remaining - floundering with no credibility and a political crew fleeing the Bounty or plotting mutiny.

Stay behind the dunghills, Dick, and you'll forever smell the way you do right now.


The Great Mind Reader Has Spoken

Using the famed long-distance Wyoming mind-meld, Vice President and renowned world psychic, Dick Cheney today revealed the current thinking and mind-set of our most feared foes.

Cheney has indisputably penetrated Al Quaeda's rumored Dome of the Deflection that heretofore has repulsed any incoming lazer-like thought penetrators from the VP's mind-melding process - a process developed one night outside a Casper tavern while Dick was trying to discern the plot of his wife's novel as she described it

Cheney's psychnicitiy foreever sets to rest any questiong but that he and fellow channeler George Armstrong Custer Bush know what they are doing.


Yahoo! News

WASHINGTON (AFP) - US Vice-President Dick Cheney accused critics of the administration's new strategy in Iraq of playing into the hands of Osama bin Laden and global terrorism.

Cheney said withdrawing forces from Iraq rather than the troop "surge" announced this week by

President George W. Bush would be "the most dangerous blunder" possible.

"That is part and parcel of the underlying fundamental strategy that our adversaries believe afflicts the United States," Cheney said in an interview on Fox news.

"They are convinced that the current debate in the Congress, that the election campaign last fall, all of that is evidence that they're right when they say the United States doesn't have the stomach for the fight in this war against terror," he said.

"Bin Laden doesn't think he can beat us. He believes he can force us to quit," Cheney said, citing US military setbacks in Lebanon and Somalia that led to US withdrawals from those countries.

"He believes after Lebanon and Somalia, the United States doesn't have the stomach for a long war and Iraq is the current central battlefield in that war, and it's essential we win there and we will win there," he said.

"They're convinced that the United States will, in fact, pack it in and go home if they just kill enough of us," he said.

So we no longer need to guess what's going on with OBL and AQ?

Well, now that THAT question has been settled once and for all ...

There's this small group of ideologues and

political power brokers wearing some sort of hallowed Jedi cloaks of pretend wisdom who owe this country a massive apology for putting such an incompetent human being in such a place of authority and influence.

The so-called values voters likewise owe this country a big apology for their gullibility.

Politeness isn't enough any more and Particle Man has the correct language.

I watched that talking head last night as he never took his eyes of his reader, declaring his lines almost robot-like carefully so as not to say something dumber than "nukyuler."

There are only dregs of pseudo respect for the mantle of "president" which still triggers knee-jerk confusion between man and title.

But any thinking watcher last night had to be perceiving only the mantle reading a speech while a severely under-qualified person mouthed the lines.

Unlike the corporation which in this country is a "person" but not a "human being", the mantle is neither a person nor a human being but can still read its lines.


Not sure what the central point truly is ...

because I'm interested in whether or not anyone else wonders about the thinking and logic behind such a stubborn refusal to budge even an inch on the part of Bushco whether it's about troop surge, troop withdrawals and all this executive privilege stuff.

I've been aware for a long time that Cheney believed the consequences of Watergate were far too much a reduction of real or implied power of the Executive; that much of the Bush behavior has been suggestive of Cheney trying to move Bush's presidency aggressively back toward that "lost" power.

But why the seeming lack of temerity in face of voter will, public opinion and the actions of members of his own party?

Stupid stubbornness?

Or are they thinking/planning along other lines?

The impossible becomes the real with one more Trade Tower-size terrorist act.

Martial Law?

Come on!

Conspiracy theories?

Come on!

Ron Paul has implied it and I don't think the linked article is directly Paul's product.

But so is Roberts who is Republican and a Reaganite on credibility par with Bruce Fein who was on Bill Moyer's impeachment episiode two weeks ago.

Am I ... are we ... in denial that such a thing could happen?

If no worries, then why does Bush seem willing to pick a fight in a tavern where he's out-numbered and even the whole town is against him?

As others have asked, "What's his ace in the hole?"

Because of my uneasiness in not knowing the answer to those questions, I could not avoid putting it out there any longer.

Call me nuts ... but that's the way I am

... when I was having problems that led to my leaving the LDS church, my brother told me, "Arthur, you think too much."

Even my own signature here at Washblog challenges me.


You sure you ain't staking too much on yer theories? Not enough common sense?

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