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Now Playing: This Veteran's View of Jack Murtha
 This is an updated opinion of something I wrote during last year's election.- AR
Who has earned the right to speak about serious stuff with a veterans's wisdom?
 I'm an old veteran with no hair, high blood pressure and military memories going back to the early 1970's when Jane Fonda was a swear word and my cousin somehow got into the National Guard and I didn't.
 Had I waited another six months before enlisting, the new draft lottery which placed my birthday at the 350+ level would have meant that I, like Mr. Cheney, could have pursued my "other priorities."
Somewhere downstairs I've got an old hard-cardboard Schlitz beer-box with enough military records in it to prove I went and to prove I did. There's a bunch of ribbons there that I didn't toss over any walls in protest but are in a glass jar where sometime I'll go down and look at them. There's an air-medal (and maybe a cluster) that are still in their containers. There's little sterling silver wings that my commander told me I could wear even when not on flying status after completing ten combat missions.
They're all down there and prove that  I went and I did.
 When I was studying Russian at Syracuse University, Woodstock happened less than 100 miles away. I wasn't about to drive over and see that. I was too mad at Jane Fonda - mad about her movie Barbarella which had offended my youthful moral view of the world.
And I was incensed by her Hanoi affair.
 I don't remember hearing anything about John Kerry back then and his post-Viet Nam role against the war. I recently watched a Dick Cavett show where Kerry debated another vet and can assure you that at that time I would have voted Kerry into the brig for what he was saying and doing.
Funny how time changes perspectives.
My yuppie kids are outraged that in 1969 I willfully refused to go to Woodstock. I agree with them.
What was I thinking?
 Was my patriotism so shallow that rain, mud, outlandish music, naked women and pot smoke could rock my foundation as a true American?
I'm embarrassed about what I thought was important when I was 22 and what I did and didn't do about it.
Yet, here I am today, a middle-aged repository of all my experience which is the only source of wisdom I have to offer my kids and grandkids. I sure as heck am not going to teach my kids that military veterans are long on judgment and condemnation and short on wisdom.
No, I'm not retired from the military. I got out after 6 years and later served 2 more in the reserve.
30 years later, I'm still aware of a sense of difference between the civilian and military world where you have got to trust somebody before you follow them.
 In 1968 I was so mad at LBJ, I voted for Nixon so I guess that made me a Republican.
In 72 I thought McGovern was a peacenik and I was a war-nik so I gave RMN another vote.
In 76 I was genuinely offended at Nixon - and Ford for pardoning him - so I voted for Carter.
In 1980 when Reagan asked "Are you better off now...." he got my vote.
In 1984 he looked tougher than Mondale so I voted for RR again.
By 1988 though, I didn't trust Bush the First so I went into my vote-for-the-outsider mode and voted for Dukakis.
1992 and I'm mad at Bush Sr. who seemed to think looking like Patton would fix the economy and voted for Bill with the following little sentence in sotto voce:
"Ok you SOB, you'd better not blow it."
By 1996 I began to suspect I was more of a liberal than a conservative and just couldn't bring myself to vote for Dole.
So there I am, trying to vote the man instead of the party, flip-flopping and waffling with the best of them.
By 2000 I realized that my veteran's instincts were alive and well and I saw only form without substance in Dubya.
Besides, an old NBA fan like me thought Bill Bradley was the smartest guy for president and I was disappointed that he didn't get nominated.
I voted for Gore, the veteran.
So let's get real out there! Being so offended at what Kerry said and did in 1971 that you voted for George more out of spite than wisdom is not a prideful attribute and I sure as hell wouldn't be proud of voting for George.
If you think there is more international wisdom and military craftsmanship from a gang that truly cannot shoot straight, has not shot straight and literally did not serve - has not been there nor done that - then by all means betray what you think you stand for.
Speak out and reveal your belief that splashing around in shallow water is better than learning to swim and navigate in something deeper where there's much more substance to everything.
Go ahead and pretend that Repuglican political fools - presenting to us a bushwhacking war president who is bluffing - have really convinced you that Bush knows more about the military than Jack Murtha;
That Mr. Bush as a run-and-hide Texas Champagne Guardsman is truly a wiser military-veteran grown-up than Jack Murtha;
Be sure to watch a lot of Fox TV (chicken hawk heaven) and pay attention when William Kristol of PNAC fame makes a guest appearance there and talks like winning games of RISK make him a strategic wunderkind;
a pretend neocon patriot who said last year that Ted Koppel shouldn't have said out loud on Nightline the names of our fellow warriors who didn't make it.
And by all means, go to Kristol's pride and joy site The Project for the New American Century. There you'll find an ivory-looking tower made of fragile glass full of intellectual hubris.
It's a place where political power theories look like they came out of a perusal of Cliff Notes and where - like in RISK - military troops are nothing more than little colored blocks of wood that are casually swept off the board with each roll of the dice.
That's the alternative to using your own common sense.
Jack Murtha is much closer to the reality in which I live and the memory trove from where my own supposed wisdom comes.
I trust Jack.
Arthur Ruger 2006

11/ 24, 2005
Murtha's teaching moment for the rest of us

Don't watch the bouncing ball, read between the lyric lines and think for yourselves.

At this point in the struggle, there are no wasted efforts nor actions taken in vain when we keep speaking out.


Because the war-starters, war-supporters, war-manipulators are well onto the slippery slope sliding toward discrediting. They're sliding downhill faster and faster - so fast that there is literally nothing they can do. Not even starting a second war somewhere else would rally a maajority of disaffected Americans to their cause.

When the national media now publishes presidential and vice-presidential repetions of the "same old, same old," as the "same old same old," you can see that our media is waking up. You can see that the media has become emboldened and appears to moving back to it's proper role as the "4th Estate.".

You can see that Jack Murtha - who has more pre-existing political clout that Cindy Sheehan had in August - is the next to step to the plate and wave a bat at the pitcher and point at the stands in the farthest reaches of center field..

And in the stadium, dang near 70% of the crowd is chanting, "hit it out of the park."

The remainder in the stadium are not hopeful their pitcher can strike Murtha out. They're afraid that Murtha will hit one out no matter what pitch - fastball, slider, knuckleball, trick pitch - is thrown.

The srongest support we can give is to forget that Murtha is a Democrat and realize that he's an American citizen practicing honoring his highest duty to country - as should we all. Ignoring party politics and the pretense as to who has the highest patriotic philosophy - we return to our simplest roots and support those people whose actions reveal "trustability" and whose actions take a higher profile than cheap words, name-calling and political smearing.

I don't agree with everything Jack Murtha has done as a member of Congress. But I also do not live in the past. Murtha is acting out the essence - the meat and potatoes - of what citizenship means in this country. That's what I expect him to do. That's what I expect all our elected officials to do.

Murtha's example speaks volumes beyond the examples we've gotten from Bush, Cheney, McClellan, the RNC; from the DNC, DLC, Demo presidential wannabe's and scheming hide-and-watch celebrities positioning themselves for the big move in 2008.

Jack Murtha, I salute you.

Go Jack!

Arthur Ruger 2006

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