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An informed electorate is the only source of national wisdom. The alternative is our blind trust in someone else's agenda.
Clamoring voices both reasonable and shrill demand our attention. Many feel that in "polite circles" there are two things you do not discuss: politics and religion. It's as if discussing politics and religion is so private that we somehow must only discuss things in our personal sanctuaries - perhaps  our bedrooms with our spouses or our living rooms with close friends and loved ones - but behind closed doors.
Citizenship brings duty with it. If we don't seek to become informed and ponder what we learn, a lack of national serenity will not something to blame on politicians. 
Moral values liest at the heart of political debate in this country and now, post-election - the perceptual differences over moral values have become one of the hottest topics of debate. Politicized religious views task our ability to discern honesty and reality based on our own internal values - values that for the most part have served us well.
An informed electorate is the only way we can hope to wend our ways through these times with any degree of wisdom. No longer are we going to be able to remain silent, non-participating and expect to blame someone else if our manner of living arrives at a place where we have lost more than we can afford.
In The American Choice you will find conservatively liberal and  conservatively progressive point of view reflected in essays, articles and op/ed opinion. You will also fined linkage to an assortment of recommended additional writings.

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Arthur Ruger is a social worker employed by the State of Washington and serves as President of Local 970 of The Washington Federation of State Employees.

Born in Idaho in 1946, he is a charter member of the Baby Boomers who after study at six institutions of higher learning, managed to graduate with a B.A. in Russian Studies from the University of Houston, Texas.

An adamant believer in the new power and need for a blogging community, Arthur and his wife, Lietta D. Ruger, publisher of Dying to Preserve the Lies write several blogs by specific topic. The blogs are listed on the links page at this site.

A Viet Nam Era Veteran and a member of The PropWash Gang, Arthur and Lietta have been active members of St. John's Episcopal Parish in South Bend, Washington, where both have preached monthly sermons. In addition to an intense interest in the American political and regious scene Arthur's leisure interests are families, writing, reading, home improvement, human spirituality, poetry and sports.

8 children, 12 grandchildren

Other Family is our handsome dog, TurnerJake, who think's he's the mayor of Bay Center, WA, and a dumb cat, Lance who's a victim of the War in Iraq because he couldn't go to Germany with his real family and was Left Behind (the real kind and not the Lahaye fantasy) to make friends with us. 

"I drive a Mercury Mountaineer with my wife's permision and my 1985 Toyota Diesel pickup without her permission - any damn time I want."


Arthur & Lietta Ruger 2002-2008. The American Choice is a  political internet journal based in Bay Center, Washington. The views expressed not authored by Arthur or Lietta Ruger are the writers' own and do not necessarily reflect those of The American Choice or SwanDeer Productions. Permission of author required for reprinting original material, and only requests for reprinting a specific item are considered.