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Metaphorically Tough on Offenders by using Phony Postcards and our Children as Political Fodder

Warning to all Washingtonians:

These manipulative political predators live in your communities:

Kevin Carns,Political Director of the ...

House Republican Organizational Community (HROC)

Speaker's Roundtable, a Republican Political Action Committee

Washington State Republican Party

Each of these have put truth, honesty and public integrity at risk in your communities. Call Representative Skip Priest, Co-Chair of the HROC at (360) 357-7724 - or - and tell him to take the political sleaze out of politics in our communities.

Call Representative Gary Condotta, Co-Chair of the HROC at (360) 357-7724 - or - and tell him to take the lies and smears out of  our communities.

Contact House Republican Leader Richard DeBolt, R-Chehalis and tell him to rein in his party activists so that families AND children are safe from ALL predators.

Mr. Carns owes us no apology for "playing tough" as he put it.

The apology Carns does owe is to all citizens of the state for turning a serious issue into something cheaply exploited as a means of political attack.

The Speakers' Roundtable and Republican Party have ventured forth into specific legislative districts and - as the anti-smoking ad tells us - passed a toxic gas.

Distancing themselves is not enouogh for DeBolt, Mike McGavick and all the other potential beneficiaries of Mr. Carns' imitation of Karl Rove tactics.

Repudiating such tactics out of respect for every community in every district in the state is what we ought to see from the Republican Party.

Swift-bloating as an attack tool of party politics is a well Republicans will soon have gone to once too often.

They owe us all much more than that, but an apology and repudiation would be a good start.

Arthur Ruger 2006

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