Reichert not the author of minimum-wage wisdom.

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[Note: I posted this as a comment on Dave Postman's blog of 7/13/06

RE: The statement from the Reichert staff about the minimum wage and how Washington State has dealt with that issue.

As I understand it, Mr. Reichert had nothing to do with raising the minimum wage in Washington State nor the philosophy behind it. I hope his staffers aren't trying to take credit for a state wisdom on wage reform Reichert himself has never demonstrated. If our state's position is, according to Cadena, something Mr. Reichert considers positive and worthwhile, why does he brag about it and imply endorsement inside the state but vote against it as not good for the nation as a whole?

What better way to emphasize the idea that each state should address the issue of a minimum wage than to raise it nationally so as to get the attention of every state in a way that makes wage-reform a priority that must be faced?

That's the fastest way for the Feds to get themselves out of the minimum-wage business

The way I see it, the Reichert position and staff statement on state and national minimum wage are very much the marionette positions given him by the national party.

This from a party - by the way - that casually attempted to give itself a congressional pay raise while voting against a minimum-wage pay raise where it would have really done the country the most good.

Bottom line is the inflexible Republican position that what is good for corporations is good for the country.

Cheap labor remains the highest targeted Republican and corpate priority.

Reichert is for cheap labor.

Arthur Ruger 2006

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