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04/19/2006 Volume 1 Issue 1

First of an on-going series of responses to Republican propaganda, disinformation and deception.

Spinmeisters from the right: "In 2-country International track meet, USSR finishes second. USA finishes second-to-last"

Thought I'd take a look see if the State Republican Party is in lock-step with their truth-challenged RNC puppeteers.  The following press release from their site, dated 4/5/06:

U. S. Senate Democrats block amendment that would prevent criminal illegal aliens from obtaining citizenship

Contact: Brad Harwood

(206) 575-2900

Seattle, WA - "I am extremely disappointed by the Democrats' attempts to block a Republican amendment that would prevent illegal aliens convicted of felonies from getting US citizenship," said Washington State Republican Party Chairman Diane Tebelius earlier today.

Democrats, lead by Minority Leader Harry Reid claimed that the amendment "hurts" the immigration reform bill currently being considered by the US Senate. Washington State's Maria Cantwell was predictably silent on the issue.

"Does Maria Cantwell support making U.S. Citizens out of illegal aliens with felony convictions?" asked Tebelius.

Contrary to Maria Cantwell's avoidance of this issue, Republican Senate candidate Mike McGavick has taken a clear stand.

"Not allowing felony convicted aliens the privilege of becoming citizens of The United States is common sense," said McGavick.

"Yet the Senate Minority objects? Worse they will not even permit a vote on the issue. If the Senate is not allowed to reach a consensus on criminal aliens becoming citizens, what hope is there for true immigration reform?"

"I don't know how anyone could object to this a common sense amendment," said Tebelius. "Clearly the Democrats are out of step with the American people on this issue.

Maria Cantwell owes the voters of this state an explanation."

Let's see now, what the State Republican Party is claiming is that Senate Republicans were single-mindly moving to protect all citzens from illegal alien felons and the Democrats - in an Arnold Benedict traitorous act to society - objected.

Despite being in a serious Senate minority Deomcrats somehow prevented the Republican knights in shining armor - with swords wiped clean of previous minority blood stains - from doing the right thing for the right reasons.

Minority Leader Harry Read (D Nev) spoke about this same circumstance that has tragically "disappointed"  Madam Tebelius.

"Republicans are still deeply divided on this issue, and we must protect this fragile compromise from those Senators bent on gutting the bill with hostile amendments.

We must also ensure that this comprehensive approach is not lost when the bill reaches conference with the House of Representatives.

It is a test of leadership for President Bush and Senator Frist to stop some Republican Senators from derailing comprehensive reform."

Truth is, Senate Democrats were working to save the Republicans from themselves and all Americans and non-Americans from harsh and stupid consequences of a short-sighted attempt to make political hay out of crab grass.

As for Maria Cantwell supporting illegal alien felons, again  Harry Reid,

"Democrats continue to fight for strong border enforcement and comprehensive immigration reform. This compromise is the second bipartisan plan we have supported.

We are happy to work with Republicans on the comprehensive, tough, and smart approach we have advocated all along. Unfortunately, other Republicans seem intent on delaying and defeating this compromise.

We are ready to move forward, but a group of Republican Senators want to slow us down. If not for them, we could head into the recess with a bipartisan victory for the American people.

Washington State Republicans talking common sense?

These are the politicos who believe stampede and reckless rambling swift-bloat attacks represent common sense?

Crooked and gnarled fingers emerge from black-robed, hooded Republicans who ignored the answer from the mirror on the wall and come to the electorate bearing poisoned apples. They point at swift-bloated targets who somehow then are portrayed as "owing the voters of this state an explanation."

I think I'd rather ask this cadre of finger-pointing honesty-challenged thunderers for an explanation of why they would call this press release an instrument of truth?

As for the pretend white knight of clean politics and no-smears who himself cannot say the words so he gets Ms. Tebelius to do the swift-bloat dirty work?  

Per Tebelius, McGavick has taken a clear stand?

On what?

Oh yes, the lie in the first paragraph of this press release.

So the State Republican Party publishes a press release of no truthful validity, pretends it's a
scandalous issue that taints Maria Cantwell, and then invites McGavick to "take a stand" at an Alamo that doesn't exist.

I just love the imagery at the same time I sense that Tebelius, McGavick and company think we're all precisely that stupid.

Hey Mike. That legislation was not about seeking a consensus on criminal aliens becoming citizens. It was about something of far greater breadth and depth that included current illegal alien felons who - in most or many cases are deported only AFTER they pay for their crime by serving time.

By assuming that we're dummies, you allow yourself an opportunity to make dumb statements and get away with it so as to impress people you consider not as smart nor hep as you.  

Is that how you ran Safeco?

Clearly, the Republicans are the ones out of step with Washingtonians and the American People.

We would have not remained forever dumbed down by that 1980's Republican angry white-man and right-wing talk show rhetoric that climbed in bed with hypocritical radical right-wing religion to forge an alliance of intolerance, anger and hatred.

The stuff that made legitimate the power to deceive and swift-bloat political opponents with impunity is the well our current crop of republicans have gone to too many times.

They are drinking the dregs of that once potent kool-aid and so long as we keep a grain or two of salt nearbye, they can publicize this kind of stuff forever to no avail.

Give em hell, Harry!

"Though this compromise isn't perfect, it is still the right comprehensive approach. It is enforcement plus -- tough reforms to protect our border and crack down on employers who hire illegally, plus it will bring the millions of undocumented immigrants out of the shadows.

I say to Tebelius and McGavick that common sense is the direct consequence of a personal attribute of honesty, directness and transparency.

What you see ought to be what you get...

... and not what-you-let-me-see is what you're telling me I'm supposed to believe I'll get.

Arthur Ruger 2006

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