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It's important to me to be understood as someone who writes a personal blog based out of Pacific County with the un-urban title of Willapa Magazine.

The viewpoint from Willapa Bay is about as rural as you can get - the only difference between the rurality of the SW Washington Coast and that of Eastern Washington  is the presence of salty water out here.

Rural Washington is a place where scramble and struggle come with the territory,

where $3.25 a gallon is a disaster if one needs to drive more than ten miles for groceries or get to work;

and where the loss of a loved one to a war  someplace on the other side of the left coast and Jesus' evangelical heartland is a heavy burden to handle in the loneliness of a military funeral, 21-gun salutes and condolences offered by people who bought the lies and supported the deceivers.

Lietta and I moved out of Bellevue the first chance we got with an employment transfer to rural America and we've never looked back and we ain't going back neither.

So no, our thoughts aren't generated out of King County no matter how much fun we have when we visit and how many wonderful people we encounter and with whom we find mutual support

But we ain't urban sophisticates

and we ain't stupid just because we ain't urbane.

Washblog founder, Brian Moran, invited me to join because he wanted voices from all over the state. Well, Brian gets what he wanted from me.

Lietta's and my running joke about driving 3 hours one way to speak, sit-in or just plain rally is truly an act of long distance patriotism. It's trying to change the spark plugs from the area of the tail pipe. Pacific County's recent voting pattern precludes folks from saying that Pac County is a red county but I'll tell you ...

Pac county is far from urbane, liberal, soft on crime, certainly not reluctant to put a flag up on every other corner, mention the Lord in public and quote a Bible verse or two.

I grew up in a rural town and community in the Mormon part of Idaho that has a smaller population than Pac County and I'm doing all this whining to underline one simple but hard fact.

I'm writing a political opinion that thrives in rural small-town America. As much as I love the city folks who write here, I'm also struck by those who write from Eastern Washington (take that McRanium and Gibney!).

City folks and urbane political dabblers  do not inform my opinions and I think they've figured out that they waste their time when they try to use political logic on a narrow-minded old curmudgeon.

Rural Washington sure as hell ain't Kansas and whatever is wrong with Kansas isn't wrong with rural Washington.

The Seattle Times article mentioned my name and my opinion. But ya know what?

I'm the one, not Dwight Pelz nor Dave Postman, who determines why I vote the way I do and how and in what form I support my candidates.

Truth of the matter is, unlike the urbanites, I'm not excited about public speeches and advocacies in Seattle.

I am interested and willing however, to mail my opinions to small town papers, take my voice and opinions to red counties and speak on behalf of Maria Cantwell to the rest of rural Washington. I'll be happy to explain why she's the best  qualified to be Senator - if she makes a serious attempt to prove me right.

And as someone else has written, should Maria find a way to recognize or reconcile an earlier misjudgement with this contemporary circumstance in which her judgement ought not be doubted further, I'll pick a fight with any rethuglican swift-bloat frauds pretending otherwise. I'll do more than just vote for her.

Arthur Ruger 2006

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