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Mayday ... mayday ... mayday!

Memo to S.C.R.E.A.M.

Supreme Conservative Republican Evangelical American Moralists

All broadcast stampeders are asked to attend an urgent meeting at headquarters.

Subject: The shrinking choir.

Their highnesses, St. Karl, St. Murdoch, St. Dick, St. Mehlman and their marionette are highly concerned at the shrinkage of our choir.

Too many choir membrs are walking out even as we are at the most rabid of our sermons. The most deletorius effect of this is that the liberal/progressive conspiracy is taking us less and less serious.

Rumors have it that they are starting to ignore us and you know that means trouble. If they're not tied up by our superb disinformation and distraction, they'll focus on you-know-what.

As lead hatemonger, I exhort you all to ponder ways to restore our propaganda power, to create new smear methods, to discredit the credible.

Details of our emergency meeting to follow.

Your brother in preserving the lies,

Flush Limbaugh

Fracture O'Reilly
Squawk Hannity

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