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The over all integrity of a nation will most immediately and powerfully be impacted by the model presented by its leadership.
That modeling ought to be a natural attractor of attention - presenting to the people affirmation of the height of its most significant values - or the depth of its apathetic depravity.
One of the greatest roles of national leadership is that of modeling the country’s core values as ideas worthy of a city on a hill shining outward an immense beacon of hope for better things everywhere.
When that model fails, the beacon deteriorates into nothing more than the search light at the gate of a prison compound the encloses crooks and captives. A search light driven by fear that seeks out even the most minor dissenters hiding in the most obscure places who point out the consequences when citizens fall asleep.
The entire notion of our American republic with representative government is that citizens can and do have a voice ...
... a voice its leadership must take seriously
... that American elected leadership is the last place the world should see lies, deception and preferential treatment.
This current leadership crop will without a doubt be recorded and remembered as the worst administration in our history. Worse, these leaders will be regarded as absolutely the most incompetent despite posing as wise ones who act from a real understanding of how a nation is made great.
The vice president's silly constitutional justifications for refusing to act openly and accountably on behalf of the people by attempting to justify an obscure and barely defensible constitutional point insults Americans and abuses the American dream.
The president demonstrates the limited depth of his junior high school intellect when his ability to act for the highest good of the country is nothing more than a denigration of national integrity in the name of political and financial self interest.
There is nothing more appropriate than the process of impeachment. There is no civic action more vital and timely that reinforcement of America's historical emphasis and trust on rule of law.
It is because of leaders like these that the idea of checks and balances and citizen ability to override leadership irresponsibility was put in place.
Such is not an obscure constitutional point. It is a vital constitutional principle upon which hang circumstances of much greater national well-being than the apathy that lets crooks and liars stay in place until enough indifferent and lazy Americans take action to clean house in November 2008.
Arthur Ruger 2007

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