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Garden Crafts  
 Free garden craft ideas

What better way to share the fruits of your labor than to make inexpensive gifts from your garden.

We are always trying to think of gifts to give for our loved ones for Christmas or for the new neighbor down the street. With everyone having big families it gets hard to be able to afford to buy gifts, so why not make them. Homemade gifts are by far more rewarding that buying them.

If you have a garden and a basket then this is for you.

*When flowers are done blooming in the fall, save the seeds and store them in a cool dry place in an homemade envelope made from a paper-bag or wrapping paper. Everyone envies your flowers all year long why not share them.

*Iris plants and dafodils multiply so why not collect some extras out of the garden and put the in a baggie with shredded newspaper or wood shavings to keep them dry. When X-mas comes give them away.

*Canning is becoming popular again these days so can your veggies from the garden. Put them into a pretty jar and decorate them with ribbon.

*If you have raspberries, blueberries, apples, blackberries, or strawberries in your backyard make some jams and jellies. If not buy the berries or fruits in season from the market and can them. This makes a wonderful and pretty gift.

*Dry the flowers left over from your garden, get some oils, and make some homemade poupourii from your yard.

*Bake a loaf of french bread (or favorite bread recipe) in an 8 inch in diameter terra cotta flower pot. Sprinkle with some poppy seeds and give a package of poppies along with it. When they are done eating the bread they can plant the poppy plants in the pot.

Be creative, use your imagination..

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--Beware of Snapdragons--

--Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade--
--My husband said if I buy any more perennials he would leave me...gosh, I'm going to miss that man!--