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Slugs and more slugs

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Slugs are a constant feature in Pacific NW gardens.  I used to think they were so well - Pacific NW - but now I view them as pests who will in one night consume entire plants.  Since I'm not growing vegetables for the slugs to eat, I've had to get adamantly fierce about fighting off the slugs. 
Reading up on all the recommended resources for combatting slugs, I began trying a few;
 - spreading coffee grounds and eggshells over the garden;
 - setting beer traps (and yes, the slugs really are drawn to them and drown in them);
 - setting slug traps to find them in the morning and dispose of them;
  - going out at dusk to catch them as they begin their treks from their hiding places towards their favorite plants for their nightly munch.
  - placing copper pennies around the tops of the boards that make up the container beds.
Not wishing to buy the commercial slug baits since we have dog and cat and don't wish harm to come to them in a curious 'is this something to eat' accident, I have stayed with more natural efforts to reduce slug attacks on my vegetables and flowers.
And then my SK (shining knight) rode in to the rescue, fitting our newly built container beds with slug gutters.   I pour salt into the gutters attached to and surrounding the container beds, and the slugs attempting to crawl towards the vegetables react to the salt and die.

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--Beware of Snapdragons--

--Gardens are not made by sitting in the shade--
--My husband said if I buy any more perennials he would leave me...gosh, I'm going to miss that man!--